Although extremely fast and noiseless, Laser printers are not flawless at all. Every machine has advantages and disadvantages.

Laser printers offer fast printing speeds, high-quality prints, and cost-effective performance for large volume printing. However, they have higher initial costs, limited color printing, bulkier size, and can be noisy with warm-up time required.

What Is a Laser Printer?

Before starting, the pros and cons of a laser printer, you should know the definition of a laser printer.

A laser printer is an electronic device that converts digital images to hard copies of the paper. The basic mechanism behind it is the same as the photocopier (using the methods of electrography), a beam of light that creates images on a sheet.

In earlier days, only black and white laser printers were there, but as technology has improved itself and color printers have come over, so color printers have now become the trend. Laser printers have now become the best choice for office use as compared to other printers. Laser printers are sold as all-in-one printers as well.

To be more precise, some Laser printers have features like duplex printing, dual-band Wi-Fi, premium printing quality, along with low-cost printing. So let’s start.

Pros and Cons of Laser Printer

The Pros of Laser Printers at a Glance


  • Efficiency
  • Accurate and meticulous
  • Page yields
  • Low running costs.
  • Reliability
  • Printing quality
  • Excretion of noise


  • A  bit overpriced
  • Very few paper options
  • Power Hungry

The Pros of Laser Printers in Detail

Here are the detailed pros and cons of laser printers. These advantages and disadvantages will help in deciding whether you should go for Laser Printer or not.


In terms of speed, the name of laser printers comes first, especially in the case of office use. The printer prints much faster and can almost print up to 20 to 40 pages of text per minute. In the case of high quantity printing, this much speed will go a long way.

Accurate and meticulous

No other printers can complete tasks with equal precision of laser printers. In the case of printing text documents, the laser printer can print them without any errors or glitches. Laser printers don’t miss even the small details, graphics, unique fonts, etc.

Page yields

When compared to ink cartridges, laser printer toner cartridges have higher page yields. The toner cartridges yield 2000 pages, and the high-yield cartridges have the capability to deliver about 10,000 pages with one single cartridge.

Just think about it. The laser printers can print about 5 to 10X more with toner cartridges than any other printer, and the best thing is that you don’t need to worry about the drying of ink and all.

Low running costs

Laser printers can be very expensive, but the cost of ink replacement can be much cheaper. This is the reason for the cartridge output of the printer, where one toner cartridge is capable of printing many pages. Laser printers have an average cost per page of between 2 – 5 cents per black or white page and approximately 15 cents for color prints. Also printing in high quantities will cost much lower.


In many cases, laser printers have proven to be dependable and long-lasting. The printers last longer because they are built for the long run. So, undoubtedly, these printers are a great investment with a long life span. Although they require refilling of cartridges more often, they deliver a huge quantity of quality prints.

Printing quality

When it comes to printing quality, the laser printer proves itself worthwhile in all aspects. The sharpness, quality, and graphics are much better than on any other printer. Especially in the case of texts, it appears to be sharper and more precise.

This quality is due to the use of laser technology. It has a max printing quality of 1200 DPI and is completely free from smears and smudges as it uses dry toners, and it should be appreciated for its clean and more accurate letters.

Excretion of noise

During normal operation, laser printers make no noise. The printer is optimized in a manner that rarely produces any noise. However, noise can be felt if it is placed in a quiet room. While doing the prints, this noise may create a distraction.

The Cons of Laser Printers

Now, these are some of the cons of laser printers. These disadvantages below should be known by you too.

A  bit overpriced

In terms of initial set-up costs, laser printers are considered to be a bit overpriced for many customers. It can prove to be a bad option, especially for those on a tight budget. Though the cartridges last longer, they are still expensive all over.

Very few paper options

Laser printers typically require the standard paper size. Also, heat-sensitive printers are not allowed while printing on laser printers. But inkjet printers can print on almost all kinds of pages.

Medical issues

Toners used in laser printers contain particles that, if inhaled, can be hazardous and cause respiratory diseases. Additionally, it uses high voltages for the printers to function.

Size issues

Basically, laser printers are much heavier than other printers. It contains delicate components and imaging drums, which make them much bulkier. Hence, this disadvantage makes their limits of portability harder to carry around.

Unsuitable for photographs

In the case of being a photo lover, laser printers are not for your type. It should be noted that laser printers are not suitable for photo prints, snapshots, or fully colored prints, among other things. This demo is due to poor graphics and the lack of color options.

Power drainage

In the case of power consumption, laser printers consume a huge amount of power even when they are inert. This high consumption is caused by the fuser element, which gets warm inside the printer and releases heat, which may make the room warmer. However, the newer printers are equipped with a “power saver” option.

Our Verdict on Laser Printer

In a nutshell, we can conclude that laser printers have many more features apart from these. It comes with a good duty cycle, Bluetooth connectivity, LED indicators, memory slots, touchscreen navigation, etc. Although before buying it make sure to check all the features you need and the warranty terms details.

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