Canon Pixma ix6850 Vs ip8750- Canon Pixma series of printers got a good response from the audience due to the mature design and outstanding printing speed. They also create a handy design and easy setup for the audiences.

Connectivity and cost per print have always been crucial matters to look out for Canon printers and they have handled the matter in a great way.

We are going to talk about the two canon Pixma products i.e. Canon Pixma ix6850 and ip8750 which resemble much but also have many differences as per. so let’s start.

Difference Between Canon Pixma ix6850 and ip8750

FeatureCanon Pixma ix6850Canon Pixma ip8750
Design and Build QualityBlack body, glossy top, front buttonsBlack body, two buttons, wireless printing
DisplayNo displayNo display
Printing Speed14.5 ppm (black), 10.5 ppm (color)14.5 ppm (black), 10.5 ppm (color)
Printing QualityHigh quality, color accuracy, sharp detailsDecent quality, borderless photo printing
Cartridge System5-ink system, pigment black, easy operation6-ink system, pigmented black, color quality
Page YieldsVaries per cartridge, decent page yieldsVaries per cartridge, good page yields
Printing Costs0.47 cents/page (black), 1.65 cents/page (color)2.08 cents/page (color), 0.48 cents/page (black)
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, AirPrint, Canon Print appUSB, Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Canon Print app

Canon Pixma ix6850 Vs ip8750

Canon Pixma ix6850 Vs ip8750
Canon Pixma ix6850 Vs ip8750

Design and Build Quality

Coming to the design, Canon printers are good in their external appearances much say. The Canon Pixma ix6850 has a black stunning body with a high gloss top.

There are three buttons at the right end of the front panel; one for power, one for paper feed, and one for wireless set up, of the two are illuminated with white LED and one with a blue LED. It offers high A3 prints with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections. Sadly both the printers don’t have any display.

On the other hand, the Canon Pixma ip8750 comes with a black body and two buttons. It offers stunning photos up to A3+ along with this 6 single ink printers. Wireless printing is provided, so one can easily print anywhere around the home from smartphones, tablets, etc. 

Printing Speed and Quality

The Canon Pixma printer series is extraordinarily good in its printing speed and quality. Both the input trays of the printers can hold up to 150 sheets. The Canon Pixmaix6850 comes with great printing quality and color accuracy.

The natural color and smooth transactions with sharp details are really impressive. It is comfortable with the A3 printings with high-quality color output up to 9600×2400 DPI (black and color).

Black is sharp and has a respectable speed as per an inkjet printer. It offers a printing speed of 14.5ppm (monochrome) and 10.5ppm (color).

The Canon Pixmaip8750 has a decent printing speed and great printing quality with mediocre-color contrasts. It is compatible with A3 + printing with stunning printing quality and contrast with a max resolution of 9600×2400 DPI (black and color).

The borderless photo makes it more appealing. The only con is that sometimes the printers create some misaligned lines and miss some parts of the text, which can be annoying sometimes. Otherwise, the speed of printing is the same as the Canon Pixmaix6850 i.e. 14.5ppm (black) and 10.5ppm (color).

Cartridge System

Both printers are enriched with a moderate cartridge system. The Canon Pixma ix6850 has a 5-ink cartridge system that includes Black, Cyan, yellow, magenta, and pigment black.

The printer is quite easy to operate and the ink seems to last longer. There are no paper jams and the colors are well-defined. One can also use high-capacity ink cartridges easily.

But the printers don’t have duplex printing so double-side printings have to be done manually and sometimes the cartridges burn more quickly.

On the other side, the Canon Pixma ip8750 comes with the 6 ink cartridge system, they are pigmented black, black, cyan, magenta, yellow, and grey which is a great feature for keen photographers to take out splendid photos from it.

The colors are detailed and sharp, and both the black and color printings are so much prominent in their appearance. But the printer is good for texts but sometimes the colors come out to be faded.

Printing Costs and Page Yields

The two inkjet printers provide comparatively low cost per page and good page yields. The canon Pixma ix6850 has the capacity of offering 1000 pages and that’s a great count for an inkjet printer.

There are three yields of black cartridge and two of color. The page yields are 1645 documents or 384 photos (black) and 331 documents or 120 photos (yellow) and many others as per yields. It costs 0.47 cents per page print (black) and 1.65 cents per page print (color).

The Canon Pixma ip8750 has 5 ink cartridges with great photo printing quality. Borderless printing makes the printer more demanding.

It offers page yields of 1105 documents or 337 photos ( black) and 312 documents or 146 photos ( yellow) which is a little less than the Canon Pixma ix6850. The cost per print is around 2.08 cents per A4 page (color) and 0.48 cents per page (black).

Connectivity Features

In the case of connectivity, the two printers do well performance. The Canon Pixma ix6850 comes with USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. The setup is much easier as compared to other printers.

It has an access to the Air print and Canon print app, through which one can easily pair the printer with mobile and print photos or documents seamlessly.

But if the connection gets worse the canon Pixma ix6850 will stop working and for that one can lose the piece of the photo paper and also the ink which was used to print the half portion of the picture.

The canon Pixmaip8750 comes with the facility of USB and Wi-Fi, unfortunately, it lacks an Ethernet connection. It can also be performed through the Apple Air Print, and Canon print app. Setting the Wi-Fi can sometimes be hard as there are no menu buttons for connectivity. The printer can only be set up as either USB or Wi-Fi.

Conclusion- Canon Pixma ix6850 Vs ip8750

The two Canon inkjet printers are promising in their specifications and performances. We have made a detailed discussion of the two Canon printers i.e. Canon Pixma ix6850 and ip8750 and it can be said that the Canon Pixma ix6850 has more advantages to surpassing the Canon Pixma ib8750 for many reasons such as Canon Pixma ix6850 has good printing quality with speed, cost per print is also less than the other, it supports Ethernet.

Although the Canon Pixma ip8750 has a 6 ink yield system, which is good for keen photographers, only one reason can’t determine the entire decision of buying it.

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