Sawgrass 500 vs 1000- Sawgrass is one of the very few companies that make sublimation printers. Sawgrass printers come with a two-year warranty and lifetime tech support, so one doesn’t need to worry about that. The Sawgrass 500 and 1000 are the two great sublimation printers.

In this article, we will try to unpack all the information about them and will let you know if there is any difference between them, which will help you choose one of them.

Difference between Sawgrass 500 and Sawgrass 1000

The Sawgrass 500 is quite an affordable sublimation printer, which allows you to print high-quality images on different kinds of materials like mugs, shirts, cushions etc. Although the Sawgrass 500 doesn’t come with Sublimation ink so one needs to buy it individually, in the case of the Sawgrass 1000 the ink comes with the package. Also, the Sawgrass 1000 is a bit more heavyweight than the Sawgrass 500.

Sawgrass 500 vs 1000 Comparison in Detail

Sawgrass 500 vs 1000
Sawgrass 500 vs 1000 Detailed Comparison

Printing Quality and Speed

The Sawgrass 500 and Sawgrass 1000 are great sublimation printers that come with a compact design and a colour LCD. The Sawgrass 500 is quite an easy-to-use and budget-friendly device. It supports almost all sizes of paper.

The printer is compatible with almost all devices. The printer connects easily with mobile devices and makes your work easier anytime, anywhere. One can easily create beautiful graphic designs at different places and print them on their desired things.

Surprisingly, you will get the sublimation ink with the box, so there is no need to worry about buying it instantly. The Sawgrass 500 Thermal Transfer Label printer is very cost-effective and delivers great printing. It has a great printing resolution of 600600 DPI and takes only 15 seconds per label to print out.

The printer will genuinely save money if purchased in bulk and also get faster. The printer is also very durable and produces long-lasting prints. It also comes with duplex printing and consumes less power. The printer is budget-friendly but never compromises on its quality and reliability.

The Sawgrass 500 has been named the best Amazon printer for its speed and results. It is also a climate-friendly product, so one doesn’t need to get worried about its placement. One can place it anywhere in their office or home.

On the other hand , the Sawgrass 1000 is also a great sublimation printer option. Although it has good quality, it is quite heavier than the SG500, which may cause a bit of a problem.

But in quality, the printer’s creative studio makes the sublimation printer more demanding, which allows the consumers to pick from thousands of designs and templates from the online studio. It prints dark grey instead of deep black , which allows you to print deep black color, and the printer prints at a decent speed, which may prove to be exciting.

The Sawgrass 1000 is one of the best high-quality printers that comes with really great printing. It comes with a manual setting of standard , medium, or high-quality printing and it can also boost its speed. It can print a 600600 DPI photo in just 16 seconds, a high-quality photo in 29 seconds, and an ultra-fine photo (48001200 DPI) in 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

It has extreme versatility in its technology. The EasySubli-UHD will not go here. The printer can also design plenty of materials like polymer-coated hard substrates, metal, ceramic glass, etc.

Ink Cartridges and Page Yields

The sublimation printers need a special kind of sublimation ink. Fortunately, the Sawgrass 500 comes with print sublimation ink and a bundle of pages. The printer uses Sublijet-UHD ink that allows it to perform at high quality and produce vibrant printing.

It has the ability to handle multiple ink systems. It has 4 cartridges, i.e., Black, Magneta, Cyan, and Yellow. All these allow the printer to print almost 687754 colour prints and the UHD ink prints much deeper black colours than any other printer.

It prints up to 240 pages per hour and it has a self-cleaning process that ensures the printer performs with high efficiency. Sawgrass takes the responsibility of creating printable images, a creative studio, and an interesting web-based designing tool in which the printable product templates and other useful tools create a great overall experience with flawless connectivity.

On the other hand, the Sawgrass 1000 also comes with primary ink colors, i.e., Blue, Pink , Yellow, and Black. The printer sprinkles inks all over the page during the printing process to bring the colour with the balance of hot gas technology to make it more accurate. Primary colours work earlier than secondary colours.

The Ultra High Definition Sublimation ink here works as the secondary ink. The HD inks stay much longer in those objects like shirts, mugs, or cushions. In the case of massive productivity, the Sawgrass 1000 consumes less energy and prints much faster at such a low cost.

The printer produces vibrant colors, which look professional in many aspects, which may be a great choice for people who like fine detailing in their work.

Connectivity Features

In terms of connectivity, the Sawgrass 500 performs pretty well. It is equipped with Wi-Fi, USB, etc. Sublimation printers work with professional-level CAD software such as AutoCAD , Rhino, etc. It is highly versatile and much more efficient in paper rolls.

It is perfect for small offices. On the other hand, the Sawgrass 1000 has Ethernet and wireless connectivity and it is fully compatible with all the operating systems like MAC, Apple, Android, etc.

Both printers have a 2-year warranty, which will make things easier in the case of repair or return of the printer. Both the sublimation printers offer high-speed connectivity and can connect with any kind of PC or mobile.


The Sawgrass 500 and 1000 printers are very different in terms of size, performance, and price. But in the case of efficiency, both printers are different from each other. Both printers are budget-friendly, have good connectivity, great designs, and good printing speed.

Both printers have a creative studio, which helps a lot in printing work. The ink cartridges yield a good number of pages, and the colours that they produce are also quite decent and accurate.

So, if anyone has a plan to start a sublimation business, they can go for the SG500 and SG1000 as they are super printers with the great printing quality. The SG500 is beautifully designed with a great concept.

The Sawgrass 1000 also has a stunning body with great printing features. The printer prints with decent speed and has great connectivity options to deal with.

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