Canon MF644CDW Vs Canon MF743CDW – Unlike inkjet printers, laser printers produce much better text and images. Although these kinds of printers are a bit expensive to start they are proved to be more economical in the long-term cartridges as they need to be replaced less often.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the two Canon printers i.e. Canon MF644CDW and Canon MF743CDW and will try to see and show the merits and demerits, covering their design and performances. So let’s start.

Difference between Canon MF644CDW Vs Canon MF743CDW

FeatureCanon MF644CDWCanon MF743CDW
Design and BuildSimilar design, 5.0″ touch screen displaySame design, better display visibility
Build QualitySturdy build, scanner lid stays openExcellent build, accommodating scanner
Printing QualityDecent quality, color accuracyGood quality, better for graphics
Printing Speed22ppm (B&W), 22ppm (Color)29ppm (B&W), 29ppm (Color)
Scanning and CopyingAuto duplex ADF, decent speedAuto duplex ADF, better speed, flatbed
Scanning Speed24ppm5ppm
Page Yields1615 pages (B), 1361 pages (C)3021 pages (B), 3064 pages (C)
Running Costs$0.045/page (B), $0.163/page (C)$0.029/page (B), $0.151/page (C)
ConnectivityBluetooth, Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, NFCEthernet, USB, Wi-Fi, NFC, external storage
Mobile PrintingCanon print app, AirPrint, MorphiaCanon print app, AirPrint, Morphia
Additional FeaturesPhone line for fax (Fax setup)NFC, external storage, better page yields
Canon MF644CDW Vs Canon MF743CDW
Canon MF644CDW Vs Canon MF743CDW

Design and build quality

Both the printers have almost the same design and build quality with bit differences. The Canon MF644CDW and The Canon MF743CDW have an outstanding well designed 5.0-inch touch screen display which feels bulky but not sturdy.

But the display screen of MF644CDW is not too good as compared to the Canon MF74dCDW, the visibility is not clear much even in the max brightness. Although both the printers have great touch sensibility.

Coming to the build quality of the printers, the Canon MF644CDW and Canon MF743CDW are stunningly great in build quality. Both of them have the scanner lid which can raise a bit higher to accommodate thick books and magazines and it stays open on its own so one doesn’t need to hold it for a long time printing.

The input trays can hold different paper formats and the paper jams are easy to reach. Also, both of them have an easily removable power cable and which can also be replaced with a standard computer cord if needed.

Printing quality and speed

With the Canon MF644CDW and Canon MF743CDW printers, well-defined documents can be printed. They both have decent photo printing quality with a few missing details. The dark colors may be lost in the shadows and also Canon doesn’t recommend printing on glossy paper in the model MF743CDW.

The color accuracy of both the printers is also very nice and acceptable for small businesses and home use. Although if anyone wants a highly precise image then it can prove to be bad in the MF644CDW the MF753CDW works pretty well in graphics and print media. Quite surprisingly, both the printers, prints color documents faster than the black ones.

In printing speed, must say the two printers have great speed and accuracy. The Canon MF644CDW prints fewer pages than the MF743CDW. The MF644CDW can print 22ppm (black and white) while the MF743CDW makes 29ppm (black and white).

Scanning and copying

Both the printers have decent scanning features along with copying and faxing. The MF644CDW and MF743CDW have an auto duplex document feeder which saves your time and can scan lots of sheets in a single row.

However, the ADF scanner of MF743CDW doesn’t scan as fast as the MF644CDW. But the bad side of both the printers is they are low in speed and the resolution is also not that good to handle the office works. The MF742CDW also has a flatbed for scanning thick or fragile items such as large books and magazines.

Both the printer can accommodate up to 50 sheets in the auto document feeder chamber. The MF644CDW has 24ppm scanning which is good but the MF743CDW has a much low scanning speed of 5ppm.

The two printers also can scan from the HP smart app which can make you scan faster and more accurately. Both the printers can copy up to 999 pages with a speed of 28cpm ( black and white) on the highest resolution of 600×600 DPI.

Printing cost and page yields

In terms of printing cost both the printers are appreciated for home and office uses. The Canon MF644CDW has a superb color cartridge system, each has an integrated drum, and the black and color yields are excellent and last quite a while.

This printer accepts third-party toner but the MF743zcdW doesn’t. The MF743CDW printer’s integrated cartridge system won’t let you buy separate toner often.

But in the case of MF743CDW, the cartridges give much more yields than that of the MF644CDW. The Canon MF644CDW yields 1615 pages (black) and 1361(color), and the MF743CDW yields 3021 pages (black) and 3064 pages (color).

The Canon MF644CDW and Canon MF743CDW have fair running costs. Printing a lot of pages will cost you lower than fewer prints. Although , the color cartridge will set a bit more.

The Canon MF644CDW prints for 0.045 US $ per page (black) and 0.163 US $ per page ( color) , whereas the Canon MF743CDW delivers 0.029 US $ per page ( black) and 0.151 US $ per page ( color).

Connectivity features

With the Canon MF644CDW and MF743CDW, one gets great connectivity with smooth pairing with Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, etc.

The Can MF644CDW has an additional phone line via which one can set up a handset to use for faxing. Also, it has stunning compatibility with the Canon print app and will print almost in all formats.

In the case of MF743CDW, it has an NFC capacity and external storage for printing off USB flash drives. But sadly one can’t connect via Bluetooth on this device. But it is very much used to with the Canon print app and allows to print through apple Air print and Morphia seamlessly.

ConclusionCanon MF644CDW Vs Canon MF743CDW

The Canon MF743CDW stands out to be a much better choice of the setup model, the cartridge system, the higher page yields, and the low running cost. But the MF644CDW offers a similar design and performance but it can cost you more penny.

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