Hp Sprocket Vs Canon Ivy- Choosing the correct printer is quite challenging between the Hp Sprocket and Canon Ivy. Both printers are great as mini photo printers and most interestingly they have many features that are almost identical. In this article, we will try to cover almost all the aspects of these two printers and hope this will help you a lot. So let’s start.

Difference between Hp Sprocket and Canon Ivy

The major difference between the Canon Ivy and Hp Sprocket is that the Canon Ivy printer creates sharp photos with great resolution and has superior performance and quality. It also maintains a compact size as compared to the Hp Sprocket, but the Hp printer is a bit faster than the Canon Ivy.

Hp Sprocket Vs Canon Ivy
Hp Sprocket Vs Canon Ivy

So, let’s see the comparisons between the two printers accordingly. But before that, get to know about these two photo printers in short.

Hp Sprocket

The Hp Sprocket is known to be one of the best mini photo printers on the market. The printer comes in a pocket-friendly size, exactly like the mobile phone, is very light in weight, and has a professional finish. It comes with ten Zinc photo papers which can easily be carried in the wallet.

Another big pro is that it supports Bluetooth so one can easily transfer all the photos easily to their phone. The noiseless printer has a great speed and the Hp Sprocket app allows you to edit the photos easily. But the photo quality varies from time to time and the zinc paper prints cause a heat issue which is a bit annoying.

Canon Ivy

The Canon Ivy printer is the other top-ranked portable photo device. The printer allows you to capture small cute photos of fun moments that fit in the wallet. Though the photos are not very good in quality, the additional wrist strap makes it handier and the mint color creates more demand in public rather than other colors.

One can easily make sticker books, and scrapbooks with this amazing printer, also the rechargeable battery is quite easy to set up. So this mini photo printer can be the best gift option for teenage school students to frame their lively moments. Most importantly the printer needs a mobile to run its tasks and somehow the papers are a bit costly.

Hp Sprocket Vs Canon Ivy Detailed Comparison

Printing Quality

These two portable mini photo printers are super in their quality. Although Hp Sprocket and Canon Ivy, the two printers are almost identical from many sides. Both printers allow 2×3 inch glossy Zinc photo papers to deliver beautiful photos within seconds.

Both printers have a hardware resolution of 313×400DPI. To be precise, the Zink paper is tear, water, and smudge proof but the photo paper is not too high in quality to get professional-level photos.

But if the sharp resolution is the concern then the Canon Ivy mini printer wins the game. In this printer, the colors look much bright and close to the original one and this advantage is for the free download of high-quality images from the imaging app.


In terms of design and looks both the printers are small, pocket size. The Hp Sprocket has a dimension of (2.95×4.53×0.83 inches) and the Canon Ivy is (4.7×3.2×0.7 inches). So as it can be seen, both printers are almost cell phone-sized printers but the Canon Ivy is much thinner, sleeker, and sturdier than the other. These extra features make Canon a better choice. 

Set up and operate 

The Canon Ivy and Hp Sprocket are the two printers that are super user-friendly and easy to set up and they can be managed easily by the app. One just needs to connect the printer to the smartphone or Tablet to use. After that with one single tap one can easily operate the app and get photos or stickers and also they can share it among their friends to make the happy moment happier.

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Both printers have great performance and have an instant printing feature which saves a lot of time. To be precise, one doesn’t have to wait as long as a polaroid film takes to process a photo. In comparison, the Hp Sprocket is a little faster than the Canon Ivy printer and can print a photo within 30 seconds but the Canon Ivy takes approx 50 seconds to do so.

These two printers will definitely help you to save much time as the ZINK technology processes it. Additionally, the price of the paper is also almost half as compared to the other brands like Fujifilm (50 cents – $1.10 per print).

Although there are many advantages to using these ZINK papers, there are some disadvantages too, as these papers produce heat which can shorten the battery life and aside from that these photos are not as durable as the other photo printers.

So it is recommended that if anyone wants professional photo prints with quality colors and long-lasting products they need to invest more and buy high-quality heavy-duty printers except these two. Otherwise, the Canon Ivy is much more worthy and has the capability to produce better quality photos than the Hp Sprocket.


These two cute portable mini photo printers will definitely work well for the users indeed. Their noiseless performance will impress anyone and the photo quality makes them more appealing no doubt. The Hp Sprocket and Canon Ivy can definitely solve many issues via the editing app. If you have any doubts please let us know by commenting down below.

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