HP Office Jet Pro 8025 Vs 8025e – HP printers always provide great performance with reliability. The HP Office Jet Pro 8025 and 8025 e are identical twins and they resemble each almost in many aspects though there are some differences too. We will try to cover all the merits and demerits of both printers accordingly. So let’s begin.

The HP Office Jet Pro 8025 and 8025e are similar in design and performance. The 8025e offers an extra six months of free ink with HP+, while the 8025 prints black text slower. The 8025e has a plastic body in one color, and both models provide vibrant colors in printing. Scanning features are similar, with flatbed scanners and auto document feeders. Page yields and printing costs vary slightly, with the 8025e costing a bit more per page in black but providing slightly better color page yields. Both models offer strong connectivity options, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and support for the HP Smart app.

HP Office Jet Pro 8025 Vs 8025e Specs

FeatureHP Office Jet Pro 8025HP Office Jet Pro 8025e
Design & Build QualityPlastic body, various color options, easy access to ink cartridgesPlastic body in one color, ink cartridges accessible only when on
Printing Speed18ppm (black), 6ppm (color)10ppm (black), 6ppm (color)
Printing QualityVibrant colors, some issues with shadowy areas and blue huesBright color photos with moderate color accuracy
Scanning & CopyingFlatbed scanner, Auto Document Feeder, auto duplex scanningFlatbed scanner, Auto Document Feeder, no duplex scanning
Page Yields256 pages (black), 233 pages (color)246 pages (black), 274 pages (color)
Printing Cost (per page)$0.74 (black), $0.150 (color)$0.77 (black), $0.128 (color)
Connectivity FeaturesEthernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, HP Smart app supportEthernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth for setup, HP Smart app support
Additional FeaturesExtra six months of free ink with HP+

Difference between HP Office Jet Pro 8025 and 8025e

HP Office Jet Pro 8025 Vs 8025e
HP Office Jet Pro 8025 Vs 8025e

Design and Build Quality

The HP Office Jet Pro 8025 has a nice build quality and design. The plastic body feels smooth and the paper jams can easily be reached. The scanner lid is also big and the hinge is much better. It has a 2.7-inch touch screen touch display along with touch buttons which are absolutely fine and responsive enough.

On the other hand, the HP OfficeJet pro 8025e also has a 2.7-inch touch display with a plastic body. There are three touch-sensitive buttons which are on the bottom of the display that stands for BACK, HOME, and HELP which are easy to navigate. The audible feedback makes it more sensitive. But unfortunately, the ink cartridges can be reached only when the printer is on and it comes in one color only.

Printing Speed and Quality

in the case of printing speed and quality, both the printers are very much well-performed gadgets here. The HP Office Jet Pro 8025 has decent printing quality with vibrant colors with excellent color accuracy.

Although the shadowy areas are not that well defined and some blue hues are also there so professionals may not find this palatable. It has a printing speed of 18ppm (black) and 6ppm (color).

The HP Office Jet 8025 also delivers bright color photos with detailing and moderate color accuracy. There are some grains and printed photos that may lose their originality due to the procedure. Although printing in large formats will be better in quality printing cases. It has a printing speed of 10ppm (black) and 6ppm (color).

Scanning and Copying

With the HP Office Jet Pro all-in-one printers, one can get great scanning and copying features with moderate speed. The HP Office Jet Pro 8025 has a flatbed scanner and Auto document feeder which makes the scanning experience smooth. The lid can hinge much to scan thick documents but it can perform auto duplex scanning. It has a default scan resolution of 300 DPI but can use the flatbed scanner up to 1200 DPI with fine detailing. It can scan up to 4ppm with a 35-page ADF capacity.

The HP Office Jet Pro 8025e also has a flatbed and auto document feeder by which one can digitize photos and documents. Documents can be saved as PDF files that will let you search them more easily. Sadly the flatbed doesn’t hinge much so scanning thick items are bit difficult and the ADF is slow enough so it takes a long to scan also there is no duplex scanning. The scanning speed of the printer is 4ppm (black and color).

Printing Cost and Page Yields

Both printers have an affordable cost per print with moderate page yields. The HP Office Jet Pro 8025 has bad black page yields but the cartridge replacements are cheap. Comparatively, the color page yields are good but cartridges are expensive. ‘

It yields 256 pages (black) and 233 pages (color) estimated. One can sign up for the HP ink subscription which leads you to print hassle-free. The cost per print is 0.74 US $ per print (black) and 0.150 US $ per print (color).

On the other hand, the HP Office Jet Pro 8025e also has a good printing speed with decent page yields. Additionally, it comes with the HP instant ink subscription which offers the free six months of ink which will be delivered to your doorsteps. It delivers 246 pages (black) and 274 pages (color) and it costs 0.77 US $ per page (black) and 0.128 US $ per page (color).

Connectivity Features

Both the all-in-one printers perform pretty well in the matter of connectivity. Both the HP Office Jet Pro 8025 and 8025 e come with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct, and additionally, the HP Office Jet Pro 8025e supports Bluetooth only for setup purposes.

Both are fully compatible with the HP smart app, from which one can easily manage the scanning, printing, and ink subscriptions. On the other hand, one can use the Apple Air Print and Morphia to print the documents seamlessly.

Conclusion – HP Office Jet Pro 8025 Vs 8025e

The HP Office Jet Pro-8025e is the replacement product for the HP Office Jet Pro 8025. The two models prove to resemble in many aspects including design and performance the HP Office Jet Pro 8025e gives the extra six months of free ink HP+ but it also prints the black text much slower than the HP Office Jet Pro 8025.

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