The HP Smart Tank 5000 and 5101, integral to HP’s Smart Tank series, are all-in-one printers tailored for home and small office use. Renowned for their high-quality printing, scanning, and copying capabilities, these printers feature refillable ink tanks, offering cost-effective printing solutions in contrast to traditional cartridge-based printers.

In this article, we’ll discuss and compare the standout features of the two exceptional HP Smart Tank printers, the 5000 and 5101, to determine their respective strengths and advantages over one another.

HP Smart Tank 5000 vs 5101 Specs

SpecificationHP Smart Tank 5000HP Smart Tank 5101
ModelHP Smart Tank 5000HP Smart Tank 5101
FunctionsPrint, copy, scanPrint, copy, scan
Printing TechnologyHP Thermal InkjetHP Thermal Inkjet
Print SpeedUp to 10 ppm (black), up to 5 ppm (color)Up to 12 ppm (black), up to 5 ppm (color)
Print ResolutionUp to 1200 x 1200 dpi (black), up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (color)Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi (black), up to 4800 x 1200 dpi (color)
Ink Cartridge SystemRefillable ink tank systemRefillable ink tank system
Ink TypesPigment-based (black), Dye-based (color)Pigment-based (black), Dye-based (color)
Input CapacityUp to 100 sheetsUp to 100 sheets
Output CapacityUp to 30 sheetsUp to 30 sheets
ConnectivityWireless, USB, Wi-Fi Direct, BluetoothWireless, USB, Wi-Fi Direct
Mobile PrintingHP Smart app, Apple AirPrint, Mopria-certifiedHP Smart app, Apple AirPrint, Mopria-certified
Display1.2 inch LCD1.2 inch LCD
Scanner TypeFlatbed, ADFFlatbed, ADF
Scanner ResolutionUp to 1200 dpiUp to 1200 dpi
Copy ResolutionUp to 600 dpiUp to 600 dpi
Supported OSWindows, macOS, LinuxWindows, macOS, Linux
Dimensions (WxDxH)17.11”D x 6.19”W x 14.23”H14.23″D x 17.11″W x 6.19″H
Weight14.9 pounds11.1 pounds

HP Smart Tank 5000 vs 5101 Comparison after Using

HP Smart Tank 5000 vs 5101

Design and Build Quality

The HP Smart Tank 5000 and 5101 both showcase a sleek, modern design that seamlessly integrates into various work environments. Sporting a 1.2-inch LCD display, both HP printers exhibit sturdy build quality for lasting durability.

While they maintain a compact design with a transparent ink tank system visible from the exterior, slight differences exist in their physical dimensions and weight. This design feature enables easy monitoring of ink levels, adding convenience to the user experience.

Printing Quality and Speed

Both the Smart Tank 5000 and 5101 deliver impressive printing quality, producing sharp and vibrant prints across various document types and images. Their maximum print resolution of 4800×1200 dpi in color ensures detailed and clear output for both text and graphics, accompanied by stunning borderless printing capabilities.

In terms of printing speed, the Smart Tank 5101 holds a slight advantage over the Smart Tank 5000, offering a printing speed of 12 ppm (black and white) and 5 ppm (color), while the HP 5000 provides 10 ppm (b/w) and 5 ppm (color). This edge can prove beneficial for users dealing with higher printing volumes.

Scanning and Copying

Both the HP Smart Tank 5000 and 5101 are equipped with a flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder (ADF) to facilitate efficient scanning and copying tasks. Both models boast a respectable scanning quality of 1200 dpi. While the ADF capacity might vary slightly, the Smart Tank 5101 potentially offers a larger capacity, simplifying the handling of multi-page documents.

Their copying function is dependable, producing high-quality duplicates. Both printers maintain a copying speed of 10 cpm (black and white) and 2 cpm (color).

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Printing Cost and Page Yields

The standout feature of the Smart Tank series is their cost-effective printing. Both the Smart Tank 5000 and 5101 employ refillable ink tanks, effectively reducing printing expenses. However, both printers have similar costs per page, averaging around 0.3 cents per black and white page and 0.9 cents per color page.

Impressively, both models boast noteworthy page yields. For instance, the HP Smart Tank 5101 offers approximately 8000 color pages and 6000 black and white pages before requiring ink refills. It’s important to note that actual page yields can vary based on usage patterns and the types of prints produced.

Connectivity Features

Both printers provide versatile connectivity options, encompassing Wi-Fi, USB, and mobile printing via apps like HP Smart App, Apple Air Print, and Morphia Print Service. Nevertheless, the Smart Tank 5101 could incorporate advanced connectivity features or enhancements, potentially delivering a more streamlined printing experience for users.


Both the HP Smart Tank 5000 and 5101 present commendable choices for users seeking cost-efficient printing solutions. They share similar features, including printing speed, quality, scanning, and copying capabilities. If prioritizing faster printing speeds and potentially reduced per-page printing costs, the Smart Tank 5101 might be the preferred option.

Conversely, the Smart Tank 5000 remains an excellent choice for those emphasizing overall printing quality and cost-effectiveness without necessitating the latest connectivity upgrades.

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