HP Envy 7855 Vs 7155 – Updating with technology is called to be on trend. HP Envy series is the real updated version of all the inkjet printers. The series is highly demanding and meant to print flawless photos and additional features.

The high definition of colors and detailing make the printers more worthy. We are going to find out the characteristics of the two multi-functioned printers of HP i.e. HP Envy 7855 and HP Envy 7155 and will see their pros and cons accordingly. So let us begin.

The HP Envy 7855 surpasses the Envy 7155 in design, print quality, and connectivity options. It boasts a superior build, more accurate color printing, and additional features like an auto document feeder, Ethernet port, Bluetooth, and Alexa support. The Envy 7155 is more basic in comparison, making the Envy 7855 the preferred choice for those seeking better performance and versatility.

Difference between HP Envy 7855 Vs 7155 Printer

HP Envy 7855 Vs 7155
HP Envy 7855 Vs 7155

Design and Build Quality

HP always never compromises on its design and build quality. Both printers have stunning designs with flawless performance. The HP Envy has a mediocre design with the plastic body feels.

The output tray pops out when you start printing, but it’s quite hard to put back. The display screen is also disappointing with an unsatisfactory touch screen and the tabs at the top of the menu are small and hard to press.

On the other hand, the HP Envy 7155 comes with a moderate design of a 2.6” display and a well-built body. The removable input tray can’t be removed overall. The trays have width sliders and don’t have a length slider which can create interruption while printing.

But the scanner lid can rise too high to fit thick documents. All the display is good with a good navigation menu. Sometimes accessing the menu can also feel unresponsive.

Printing Quality and Speed

HP Envy printers are known for their good-quality photos and well-defined color accuracy. Both printers have decent photo speed and quality. The HP Envy 7855 has good photo quality but disappointing color accuracy. The reds are good with a rich greyscale palette and high contrast.

But most of the color looks different in many ways, the colors are also not decent as per expectation. The printing speed is great but the black documents take a long to process. The main input tray holds 125 sheets and the output tray holds 25 sheets it can print up to 13ppm (black) and 7ppm (color).

The HP Envy 7155 has also decent printing quality and printing speed. The yellow appears to be more vibrant than the other colors and the warm colors become a bit reddish. But the green and dark blues are worse. The common paper size is eligible to fit in but not the standard length. It takes much longer to print both the case of black and color documents. The printing speed is 9ppm (black) and 6ppm (color).

Scanning and Copying

Both printers have stunning scanning features. The HP Envy all-in-one printers are good for printing scanning and copying. The Hp Envy 7855 has a flatbed scanner with high scanning resolution and the auto document feeder helps to scan multi-page documents. Sadly there is no duplex scanning feature so one needs to do manual flipping. One can also save documents in PDF files which has a marginalized scanning feature. 

On the other hand, the HP Envy 7155 has a mediocre scanning facility with a flatbed scanner and a time-consuming process of multi-page documents. The scanning speed and resolutions are also quite good. The scanning speed is also much good and the scanning resolution is up to 1200 DPI. 

Printing Costs and Page Yields

The HP Envy 7855 has a bad cartridge system as there is only one color cartridge and it needs replacing every single time when any of the colors runs out. One can use third-party cartridges for better resolution. Also, it has a decent cost per print and good page yields. It uses HP tri-color ink the estimated page yields are 169 pages (black) and 145 pages (color). The cost per print is 0.112 US $ (black) and 0.172 US $(color).

On the other hand, the HP Envy 7155 has a bad cartridge system, because it doesn’t have any kind of photo ink cartridge despite being a photo printer itself. Both the color and black page yields are much lower than the HP Envy 7855. The printer prints blank pages, when it is completely out of ink, although one can use third-party cartridges to print better.

It yields 167 pages (black) and 144 pages (color) estimated. The printer costs much more than HP Envy 7855 i.e. 0.114 US $( black) and 0.174 US $(color). One thing should be kept in mind that in case of often use the printers still consume inks so one needs to replace the cartridges more often.

Connectivity Features

The two printers have good connectivity features with wireless service. The HP Envy 7855 can directly print from SD cards and USB flash drives, Bluetooth, and an Ethernet port. The printer is also compatible with the HP Smart mobile app, from where one can easily scan and print, make PDF files of documents, and manage ink subscriptions.

But sadly you can’t print some file format cases using Android phones. In the case of HP Envy 7155, it has an SD card reader along with a round cover protecting the port. Sadly it doesn’t have an Ethernet port and no Bluetooth support.

Although the HP smart app is quite managing in the case of scanning documents from smartphones with a maximum resolution of 300 DPI. Also, one can easily send mobile faxes from the app manage the inks, and get the ink delivered to your doorstep if one has an ink subscription.

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Conclusion – HP Envy 7855 Vs 7155

To be honest, the HP Envy 7855 is the higher version of the HP Envy 7155. The 7855 performs much better all over covering the printing, scanning, and connectivity.

The HP Envy 7855 has an auto document feeder, built-in fax, Ethernet port, Bluetooth, and Alexa voice support. Also, the fast print and well-defined colors make the HP Envy 7855 superior to the HP Envy 715.

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