The HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e printers are part of the HP Deskjet 4100e series. The HP DeskJet 4100e all-in-one series is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable printer. It includes many variants that are all identical in features and performance, so regardless of which one you choose, you know you will be getting the same great quality.

These two printers offer excellent printing speeds, a wide variety of connection options, and good-quality output. These printers are also compatible with a wide range of paper types and sizes, making them flexible options that can handle most printing needs. Whether you need to print text documents or high-resolution images, either of these two printers has you covered.

HP Deskjet 4155e vs 4158e Differences

FeatureHP Deskjet 4155eHP Deskjet 4158e
Print Speed (Black)8.5 ppm8.5 ppm
Print Speed (Color)5.5 ppm5.5 ppm
Automatic Document FeederYesYes
ConnectivityUSB 2.0USB 2.0
WiFi ConnectivityYesYes
Home PrintingReliable and affordableReliable and affordable
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface, touchscreen displayUser-friendly interface, touchscreen display
Energy EfficiencyAuto-Off and Instant-On technologiesAuto-Off and Instant-On technologies
All-in-One FeaturesFast, hands-free printing, wireless printingFast, hands-free printing, wireless printing
Scanning and CopyingEfficient 35-sheet automatic document feederEfficient 35-sheet automatic document feeder
Control PanelLCD touchscreen, one-touch buttonsLCD touchscreen, one-touch buttons
Connectivity OptionsDual-band Wi-Fi with self-reset, USB 2.0Dual-band Wi-Fi with self-reset, USB 2.0
HP Smart AppSimple setup, mobile printing, advanced featuresSimple setup, mobile printing, advanced features
Ideal forHome and office useHome and office use

HP Deskjet 4155e vs 4158e Compared After Testing

HP Deskjet 4155e vs 4158e

Perfect for Home

The HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e printers are great choices for those seeking reliable and affordable home printers. Each of these printers has been designed for ease of use, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly get up and running. They also come with an intuitive touchscreen display, which allows for quick access to different functions and settings. Additionally, these printers offer fast printing speeds in both black and color.

They offer a variety of connection options. The HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e also feature energy-efficient features such as Auto-Off and Instant-On technologies. All in all, the HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e printers are ideal choices for those looking for reliable printers that won’t break the bank.

Print Speed

The HP Deskjet 4155e is the perfect printer for printing basic color documents such as recipes, forms, and travel documents. With print speeds of up to 8.5 pages per minute in black and 5.5 pages per minute in color, it ensures efficient and timely printing.

The HP Deskjet 4158e is perfect for families with 1-3 users. It can print basic color documents such as recipes, forms, and travel documents. With print speeds of up to 8.5 pages per minute in black and 5.5 pages per minute in color, it is efficient and reliable.

All-in-One Features

The HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e are high-performance printers that offer fast and hands-free printing capabilities. With their advanced technology, these printers can quickly process and print documents, saving you valuable time. Additionally, their hands-free functionality allows you to easily print wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for manual intervention. These printers excel at scanning and copying tasks due to their efficient 35-sheet automatic document feeder. Whether you need to print important documents for work or school or simply want to conveniently print photos or other personal files, the HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e are reliable options that deliver efficient and hassle-free printing.

Control Panel & Ease of Use

The HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e printers offer quick and easy printing directly at the LCD control panel. These printers are designed to make printing tasks simpler and faster than ever before. With the intuitive LCD touchscreen, users can choose from several printing options, including black-and-white or color modes, paper size, and resolution.

Additionally, the convenient one-touch buttons allow for quick access to functions such as page setup, print quality, and even copy/scan/fax settings. The printer also features a number of options to help conserve energy by automatically shutting down when not in use. With these features, the HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e are ideal for home and office use.

Connectivity Options

The HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e models feature Dual-band Wi-Fi with self-reset, allowing for automatic detection and resolution of connectivity issues. Additionally, these models come equipped with a USB 2.0 port.

HP Smart App

The HP Smart app facility in both the HP Deskjet 4155e and 4158e provides a simple setup that guides users through each step, allowing them to print, scan, and copy everyday documents directly from their phone.

This convenience is available from anywhere, making it easy to stay productive on the go. With HP+, users can enjoy advanced features in the Smart app for 2 years, including mobile fax and advanced scanning features like multi-item recognition.

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Bottom Line

The HP DeskJet 4155e and 4158e All-in-One printers are excellent tools for any home office or family. They make multitasking easier than ever, allowing you to print, scan, and copy all within one easy-to-use device. With their basic color capabilities, you can produce recipes, forms, and other documents with ease.

Plus, their compact design allows them to sit comfortably on your desk or countertop without taking up too much space. If you’re looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to take care of your home office needs, then the HP DeskJet 4158e All-in-One is a greater choice than the 4155e, as it is more affordable.

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