Our life has become very advanced with the use of technology. From the beginning of our day when we wake up to the end when we go to sleep, we need technology in different forms.

It makes our life simplified. But, this medium of simplification also requires some general maintenance to work without any hassle. We have to maintain all the devices that are part of our daily lives on a regular basis so that they can smoothly provide services. 

Printers, one of the most important devices in our regular life, also need proper maintenance. It needs regular cleaning and care. In this article, we will tell you some easy ways to keep your printer clean and make it long lasting. 

Steps to Keep Your Printer Clean and Long Lasting

  • Choose the Right Ink and Paper
  • Do Regular Cleaning
  • Go Through the Manual Properly
  • Place Your Printer Correctly
  • Remember to Turn It Off

How to Keep Your Printer Clean and Long Lasting in Detail

How to Keep Your Printer Clean and  Long Lasting
Steps to keep your printer clean and long lasting

Choose the Right Ink and Paper

If you want to make your printer long lasting, you should not use low quality ink and paper for printing. You must ensure that each time you print, you will use high quality ink and paper to extend the lifespan of your printer. Using low quality ink and paper often causes damage inside the printer.

If you use low quality papers, paper jam will be a regular issue that will prevent you from printing smoothly. Sometimes, such papers carry lint and dust that can cause clogging inside the printer and this will make you clean it more frequently. Low quality ink also causes clogging issues. So to get long term service from your printer, you must use genuine and high quality ink and paper. 

Do Regular Cleaning

You must clean your printer regularly to keep it efficient for long. Regular cleaning makes the printer long lasting. You must take out some time from your busy schedule, at least once a week, to clean the exterior of your printer. You can clean the interior part of your printer at an interval of 4 to 6 months.

In case you are sharing your printer with various people in your office, your printer will require more frequent cleaning. But before cleaning, you must get advice from an expert on this. If you do not have proper guidance, you can call a service provider who will clean your printer and inspect it properly. 

Go Through the Manual Properly

When you buy a printer, or any electronic device, you are always given a manual by the brand that tells us how to use that particular device. If you want to know the correct process to keep your printer clean and make it long lasting, you must learn the manual you have got with the product properly.

This manual will show you the proper settings of your printer and its navigation process. If you mistakenly install your printer with improper settings, it will get damaged and will not work properly. The manual is your trouble-shooter as it will help you if any problem occurs during printing. So follow the tips given in the manual to ensure a long life for your printer. 

Place Your Printer Correctly

To give a long productive life to your printer, you must place it at the correct place. You have to ensure that the place where you are going to keep your printer is free from extreme heat, moisture, and dry air. Never place your printer near the CPU of your desktop as the CPU emits dry air that is harmful for the printer as it can cause clogging in the print head.

If you are going to place the printer in your office, choose a place that is safe and free from gathering so that your printer may not get damaged by hitting. 

Remember to Turn It Off

You should turn your printer off when it is not in use for long. This trick will help you get relief from quick drying up of ink cartridges. To keep the print head and ink nozzles clogging free, you must remember to turn the printer off as soon as you finish printing. Otherwise, you will experience streaky printing and quick damage to your printer. 


Buying a new printer needs a lot of investment. So if you do not want to buy new printers after every 2 or 3 years, you must maintain your printer properly. Maintaining a printer always costs less than buying a new printer. It only requires some easy tricks to keep a printer clean. So follow the tips we have provided to save your money and make your printer long lasting. 

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