Epson P800 vs P900- The special edition of Epson Sure color delivers professional printing with decent performance and superb color-matching capabilities. The Epson P900 and P800 come with pigment-based fine-coloured ink which produces each and every print fine and smooth. So in this article, we will talk about some of the benefits and demerits of the two Epson Inkjet printers. 

Major Difference Between Epson p800 and p900

The two Epson printers are extremely well-built and stylish. The Epson p900 and p800 are the two most well-designed printers with compact design but the new p900 is approximately 30% smaller in size than the Epson p900. The Epson p900 has an increased print size of 17 inches as compared to the Epson p800 which has a print size of 13 inches. Again, the p900 comes with 10 ink facilities whereas the Epson p800 has 9 ink facilities. Not only the Epson p900 is compact in size but also it has small ink cartridges of 50 ml, whereas the Epson p800 has 80ml ink cartridges.

Epson P800 vs P900 Comparison in Detail

Epson P800 vs P900
Epson P800 vs P900 Comparison

Design and Build Quality

The Epson p800 comes with a 2.7-inch touchscreen with a well packaging. But the on-screen elements appear to be small sometimes and they often fail to operate tasks. Though the installation process is quite smooth, the printer is quite slower than expected  and sometimes it doesn’t even receive the touches. The decent printing quality and ink system makes it quite acceptable but the p900 is the upgraded version of this printer.

On the other hand, the Epson P900 has a quite big 4.3-inch touch screen along with a well-built control panel. The printer comes with a new viewing window with a built-in LED through which one can keep an eye on the ongoing printing. Also the printer has outstanding black printing quality and the connectivity is much smooth and reliable.

Printing Quality and Speed

The Epson p800 produces extremely sharp and vibrant colors , to be precise the Epson p800 shows its excellence in the deep blacks by making it richer and visible. The Ultra chrome HD inks have a 9 ink system of Black, matte black, light black, cyan, light cyan etc. which has access to 180 nozzles and by working together they create a stunning photo with high quality.

The black and white looks very vibrant in the p800 prints , the flawless transaction from black to grey looks eye soothing. Although the printing speed is good as it can print upto 1 page black and color in a minute which is really great , also it has the high speed option in the print dialog.

On the other hand, the Epson p900 delivers mesmerizing colored and black and white prints of 17×22 max (borderless). The stunning colors look stunning in the luster papers. Additionally one can choose the paper type in the printer along with the A2 prints is really good.

Also, it has a decent printing speed of 10 mins per page (low quality), 12 mins per page (medium quality), and up to 34 mins per page (highest quality). Though this printer is not made or designed for high productivity, it can definitely produce fine graphics.

Printing Costs 

Both printers deliver excellent quality photos with extremely low running costs. As we know the Epson p800 has 9 ink capacity and p900 has 10 ink capacity, these ink cartridges include different color options which helps to create wonder in pages within seconds.

Both the printers are enabled to print in matte and glossy papers and the well connectivity helps them to perform the task more swiftly. The Epson p800 costs 2.35 US $ per page (Black 13×19), 3.56 US $ per page (black 17×22) etc.

Whereas, Epson pro 900 features the 10 ink feature including black, matte, grey, cyan, yellow etc. It has the same sheet capacity as the Epson p700. The cost per print is 0.56 US$ (8×10inch), 1.74 US  $ (13×19).

Connectivity Features

In terms of connectivity, both the printers are truly well connected and easy to set up. The Epson p800 and p900 come with great connectivity options. The Epson p800 has Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Built-in Wi-Fi, etc. The printer also manages to work with the help of Epson print , from where one can easily manage all the printing tasks. 

The Epson P900 comes with Ethernet, USB 3.0, W8fi, Wi-Fi direct etc. And also supports Air print and Google cloud print. But unfortunately, there is no USB thumb drive support or SD card. It also runs with the app of Windows and MacOS. Also, the Epson app manages all the tasks very skillfully.

Conclusion – Epson SureColor P800 vs P900

To conclude, it can be said that both the inkjet printers are pretty good in their performance and running costs, but the Epson p900 has the upper hand to win the tie as it has increased the size of prints, professional finish, big ink cartridges, and of course good connectivity features. But if someone is looking for a first-time printer in this category the Epson P800 can also be a great option as it has spectacular printing quality. 

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