Epson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 4760- Contrary to a normal inkjet printer, the Epson Eco Tank printers banish the thirst for ink cartridges with their exclusive, refillable ink tank system.

These Eco tank printers attributes and super high capacity of ink system which endlessly supplies the printer with sufficient ink. To get rid of the high ink prices these printers were introduced a few years ago and become the most popular series of Epson.

We are going to compare the two stunning Epson printers i.e. Epson ET 4700 and Epson ET 4760, will see their specifications and performances. So let’s begin.

Epson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 4760 Compared

FeatureEpson ET 4700Epson ET 4760
Design and BuildModerate design, sturdy bodyDecent display and build quality
Scanner lid for larger itemsScanner lid for larger items
Display panel not attractiveTouchscreen, responsive buttons
Printing QualityAdjustable input trayMedium print quality
Clear color contrastFlat colors with blue tinge
Printing Speed8ppm (black), 4ppm (color)15ppm (black), 7ppm (color)
Scanning and CopyingFlatbed scanner, ADF, faxFlatbed scanner, ADF
No auto duplex scanningNo auto duplex scanning
Printing CostHigh-capacity ink tanksHigh-capacity ink tanks
Page yields: 3325 (black), 3638 (color)Page yields: 6541 (black), 4665 (color)
Cost per print: $0.004 (black), $0.012 (color)Cost per print: $0.003 (black), $0.008 (color)
ConnectivityEthernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USBEthernet, Wi-Fi, USB
Mobile printing via AirPrint, MopriaMobile printing via iPrint app
No external storage supportNo external storage support

Difference Between Epson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 4760

Epson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 4760

Design and build quality

The Epson ET 4700 and Epson ET 4760 have moderate design and build quality. The scanner lid can raise much higher to scan larger items like thick books and magazines. Both the printers are lightweight and have a sturdy body. Though the display panel is not that much attractive.

On the other hand, the Epson ET 4760 also has a decent display and builds quality. The scanner lid stays up by itself so one doesn’t need to worry about holding it while scanning documents and it can also hinge higher to scan thick items.

The screen is touch-sensitive and the two physical buttons on the control panel have quick access to the home and help menu. Some lags are there in the navigation menu sometimes, but all over the screen visibility is clear.

Printing quality and speed

The Epson ET 4700 and Epson ET 4760 are the two most efficient printers having great printing quality and speed. The Epson ET 4700 comes with an adjustable input tray that can fit almost all kinds of paper sizes.

It also has a clear color contrast with a bit of grayscale. Unfortunately, the printing speed is not good for Epson ET 4700 its 8ppm (black) and 4ppm (color).

On the other hand, the Epson ET 4760 has a medium print quality. The colors are flat in tone and the yellow isn’t too vibrant. One can also print 3.5” ×5” to 8.5”× 4.7”, this also lets you print A5 papers.

But it has bad color accuracy with a blue tinge which may not be acceptable to professional printings. Although it has a great printing speed of 15ppm (black) and 7ppm (color).

Scanning and copying

Both the printer has impressive scanning and copying features. The Epson ET 4700 comes with a flatbed scanner with an auto document feeder to process the documents more quickly.

The fax facility is also a useful feature of this printer. Sadly the printer doesn’t support the duplex scanning feature, so one has to print the double-side documents by self.

The Epson ET 4760 has a decent scanning feature, with a flatbed scanner and auto document feeder. But unfortunately, there is no auto duplex scanning so one needs to scan both sides, which will take some extra time to do the task.

Printing cost and page yields

The series of Epson Eco Tank printers are famous for their great ink tank system. The Epson ET 4700 has four high-capacity ink tanks, which yield a lot of black and color pages.

The page yields are also good i.e. 3325 pages (black) and 3638 pages (color) estimated. It has an effective low cost per print, 0.004 US $ per print (black) and 0.012 US $ per print (color).

On the other side, the Epson ET 4760 also has a stunning super tank ink system. It comes with high-capacity inks so if you print often, you might don’t need to refill the tanks often.

Also, it can be possible to fill the super tank with third-party ink. The yields are higher than Epson Eco Tank 4760, 6541 pages (black), and 4665 pages (color).

Moreover, the Epson ET 4760 runs at a remarkably low cost and the ink bottles are also not much expensive. The cost per page of Epson ET 4760 is 0.003 US $ per print (black) and 0.008 US $ (color) which is cheaper than Epson ET 4700.

Also, one thing should be kept in mind that in the case of only black printing, most inkjet printers use constant black inks for their service purpose, so one still needs to refill the tank occasionally.

Connectivity features

Epson always focuses on the Connectivity features. The two printers are efficient and reliable in their connectivity options. The Epson ET 4700 comes with an Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, and High-speed USB.

Using a mobile can also be easier to connect with the printer just by the Apple Air print or Morphia print service. Sadly it doesn’t have any external storage so it is not possible to print via USB thumb drive or SD card.

Also, the Epson ET 4700 has an access to Epson iPrint app which is great software and can be accessed through Android and IOS devices. One can easily print, scan and copy photos and documents directly via the app.

Coming to the Epson ET 4760 also has the facility of Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB. Moreover, it uses the Epson iPrint app you perform multiple tasks like printing, scanning, and copying documents anywhere and anytime. The app helps to convert them to PDF via Google drive so one can easily print the documents.

ConclusionEpson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 4760

To conclude, we can say that the Epson Eco Tank 4700 and Epson Eco Tank 4760 are both very efficient and smooth super tank printers. But the Epson Eco Tank 4760 is much better for its faster printing, higher page yields, low cost per print, and much better color accuracy.

Also, the Epson Eco Tank 4700 has comparatively better photo quality, but it cant be the supreme reason for buying the printer.

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