Epson Eco Tank 3760 vs 4760- Far from a typical inkjet printer, Epson Ecotank printers have put an end to the need for ink cartridges with their distinctive refillable ink tank process. Ecotank printers showcase an ultra-high-capacity ink system that randomly supplies ink to the printer.

So you don’t need to replace cartridges but you need to top up the tank whenever you need to do with the printings. Epson eco tank 3760 and 4760 are the most indistinguishable Supertank printers, in the aspect of their design and performance.

Although there are some considerable differences between them. We will now talk about them and will try to elaborate specifically. let’s begin.

Difference between Epson Eco Tank 3760 and 4760

The main difference between the Epson Eco Tank 3760 and 4760 is that the 4760 has additional features such as an automatic document feeder, fax function, and a larger LCD display. The 3760 only offers Wi-Fi connectivity, while the 4760 has Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity options

Epson Eco Tank 3760 vs 4760 Comparison in Detail

Epson Eco Tank 3760 vs 4760 Specs Comparison

ModelEpson EcoTank 4760Epson EcoTank 3760
Type4-in-1 Wireless, cartridge-free3-in-1 Wireless, cartridge-free
Max. Print Resolution4800 x 1200 optimized dpi4800 x 1200 optimized dpi
Print SpeedBlack: 15 ISO ppm
Color: 8 ISO ppm
Black: 15 ISO ppm
Color: 8 ISO ppm
Page Yield7,500 (black) / 6,000 (colored)7,500 (black) / 6,000 (colored)
Double-Sided Print SpeedBlack: 6.5 ISO ppm
Color: 4.5 ISO ppm
Black: 6.5 ISO ppm
Color: 4.5 ISO ppm
Auto Document FeederYesYes
Voice Activated PrintingYesYes
Replacement Ink Bottle Cost$19.99 (black) / $38.95 (multicolor)$19.99 (black) / $38.95 (multicolor)
Scanner and CopierYesYes
Dimensions16.4″ x 19.8″ x 10.0″ (in use)16.4″ x 19.8″ x 10.0″ (in use)
Weight15 lbs16.1 lbs
Epson Eco Tank 3760 vs 4760 Specs

Design and build quality

The Epson ET 3760 and 4760, both have quite decent design and build quality. The Epson ET 3760 doesn’t have a touch screen, although it has many physical buttons to operate on both sides of the screen.

There is no numeric keypad which will cause you trouble in entering big passwords, but still, the display panel has a good tilt vertically so you will have good visibility of the screen while sitting and standing.

The plastic body feels good with easily visible ink levels. The presence of an automatic document feeder is flimsy and the scanner lid can also open enough to scan a thin book. 

On the other hand, Epson ET 4760 has a removable power cord and good access to jammed papers from the front below the scanner bay. The scanner lid stays up on its own so one doesn’t have to hold its lid and it can raise enough to scan a thin book but not enough thick for textbooks.

It also has an auto document feeder. The screen of the printer is auto sensitive and the physical buttons can help to operate the menu. The screen is decent, but some lag occurs in the navigating menu and screen vision while standing or sitting. 

 Printing quality and speed

Epson Ecotank printers are the most economical printers to use. Both printers have decent photo quality. The Epson et 3760 has some grainy and static-like stain in the grey portions. It has a good speed of printing15 ppm (black ) and 7 ppm( color). But both the printers are poor in color accuracy. Both have a blue tinge in their printings. 

The Epson et 4760 has a good detailing of photos. The yellow is not much vibrant, it also has a blue tint in greyscale which looks very odd. But it has a great printing speed. It has quite a good speed of 15 ppm (black) and 7 ppm( color). So, it is clear that both printers are fast in black printing and a little slow in color printing. 

Scanning and Copying

The Epson et 3760 and Epson 4760, two printers have very good scanning features. Both have a flatbed scanner for scanning, and an auto document feeder helps to process documents easily. But they don’t have duplex scanning so in case of double-sided document scanning you need to do it yourself.

The Epson Et 3760 and Epson et 4760, scanned images are quite decent with mature detailing. But it doesn’t have a fax facility, so one might not select it for a home business.

Printing Cost and Page Yields

Both printers have extremely low per-page costs. The Epson et 3760 has a great super tank system. The ink yield for black and color ink is very high. In the case of often printing, one doesn’t even have to fill the tanks often.

The page yields of Epson et 3760 are 6878 (black prints) and 4212 (color prints) estimated. The cost per print is 0.003 US $ (black ) and 0.009 US $ (color). Both ink tanks are affordable and perfect for long-term uses.

Epson et 4760 also has an extraordinary super tank ink system, with four high-capacity ink tanks. The page yields are 6541 prints (black) and 4665 prints (color) estimated.

The cost per print is almost the same as Epson et 3760 i.e0.003 US $ per page (black) and 0.009 US $ per page (color). Frequent printing doesn’t need to refill the tanks more often.

Epson Eco Tank 3760 and 4760

Connectivity Features

Connectivity is the most important aspect of a good printer. The Epson et 3760 and Epson et 4760 have great connectivity features with Ethernet connections. Epson et 3760 have both wired and wireless connectivity support, although direct printing via Bluetooth is not available there is wifi direct by which one can print wirelessly.

It is a mobile-friendly printer and allows apps like Epson Iprint, Apple AirPrint, Morphia, etc. Whereas Epson et 4760 also have all the connectivity systems as Epson et 3760. It also supports Iprint by which one can perform all the tasks like printing, scanning, copying, checking ink levels, etc.

Conclusion– The Best One Between Epson Eco Tank 3760 and 4760

The Epson Eco Tank 3760 and 4760 are two great options for those who are looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective printer. Both printers offer excellent print quality and come with a large ink tank that can print thousands of pages without the need for replacement.

While the Epson 3760 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, the Epson 4760 has additional features such as an automatic document feeder, fax function, and a larger LCD display. So, depending on your needs and budget, you can choose between the 3760 and 4760. Overall, both printers offer a great value for money and are an excellent choice for home or office use.

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