The Canon Pixma Pro-100 and Canon Pixma Pro-10 are two popular printers with some similarities and differences. When undertaking a thorough comparison between the Canon Pixma Pro 10 and Pro 100 printers, it becomes evident that there exist several key differences that warrant careful consideration.

Firstly, the Pixma Pro 10 boasts a wider color gamut and higher resolution, rendering it an exceptional choice for photographers and artists who demand nothing short of impeccable color accuracy and intricate detail in their prints. Conversely, the Pro 100, while equally impressive, offers a more affordable price point and a faster printing speed, making it an attractive option for individuals who prioritize both cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

The Pro-100 and Pro-10 are both part of Canon’s Pixma Pro series, designed for professional photographers and artists. They both offer high-quality printing capabilities and are capable of producing stunning prints. Based on extensive research and practical knowledge, this article will provide a short review of both printers.

Canon Pixma Pro 10 vs 100 Compared

FeatureCanon Pixma Pro 10Canon Pixma Pro 100
Ink SystemPigment-basedDye-based
Number of Inks10 inks8 inks
Print SpeedSlowerFaster
4×6 inch PhotoApproximately 51 secondsApproximately 34 seconds
ConnectivityUSB, EthernetUSB, Ethernet, Built-in Wi-Fi
Maximum Print SizeUp to 13×19 inchesUp to 13×19 inches
Borderless PrintingNot SupportedSupported
Color AccuracyWider Color Gamut, Better ResolutionVibrant Colors, Slightly Less Detail
Print LongevityExcellent LongevitySlightly Less Long-lasting
PriceTypically HigherTypically Lower
Ideal forColor Accuracy, Fine DetailVibrant Colors, Faster Printing
Wireless PrintingNoYes
PriceSee Offer PriceSee Offer Price

Canon Pixma Pro 10 vs 100 – Which One Is Better

Canon Pixma Pro 10 vs 100

Ink System

It is worth noting that the Pro 10 utilizes a pigment-based ink system, which not only ensures superior longevity but also provides resistance to fading over time. This is particularly advantageous for those who wish to preserve the quality and integrity of their prints for an extended period.

On the other hand, the Pro 100 employs a dye-based ink system, which, while not as long-lasting as its pigment-based counterpart, has the ability to produce more vibrant and vivid colors, thereby appealing to individuals who seek to infuse their prints with a striking visual impact.

The Canon Pro-100 printer utilizes eight dye-based inks, including Black, Magenta, Photo Magenta, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Yellow, Gray, and Light Gray. On the other hand, the Canon Pro-10 printer employs ten pigment-based inks, which consist of Matte Black, Photo Black, Magenta, Photo Magenta, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Yellow, Gray, Red, and Chroma Optimizer.

Speed of Printing

Another difference between the Canon Pixma Pro 100 and Pro 10 is the print speed. The Pro-100 is slightly faster than the other one. This particular printer is capable of printing a 4×6 inch photo in approximately 34 seconds, while the Pro-10 takes around 51 seconds for the same size print.

The time-saving feature of the Pro-100 can greatly benefit users who frequently make multiple prints in quick succession. This advantage becomes particularly valuable for individuals who engage in daily printing activities.


In terms of connectivity options, both the Canon Pixma Pro 100 and Pro 10 printers offer USB and Ethernet connectivity. However, the Pro-100 also includes built-in Wi-Fi, allowing for wireless printing and easy integration with mobile devices.

Printing Quality

When it comes to print sizes, both the Canon Pixma Pro 100 and Pro 10 printers can handle up to 13×19 inch prints. However, the Pro-100 also supports borderless printing, allowing for edge-to-edge prints.The Canon Pixma Pro-100 and Canon Pixma Pro-10 are both excellent printers with their own unique features.

The Pro-100 is ideal for those who prioritize print speed and vibrant colors, while the Pro-10 is a great choice for those who want a wider color gamut and better longevity, particularly for black-and-white work.

On the other hand, the Canon Pro-100 is better suited for those who prioritize superior color saturation and fast print production, even if the prints may fade slightly over time.

Bottom Lines

In conclusion, the decision between the Canon Pixma Pro 10 and Pro 100 printers ultimately hinges upon your specific needs and budgetary constraints. If you are a photographer or artist who places utmost importance on color accuracy and fine detail, the Pixma Pro 10’s wider color gamut and higher resolution make it an ideal choice.

Conversely, if you are seeking a printer that strikes a balance between affordability and efficiency, the Pro 100’s lower price point and faster printing speed may be more appealing.

Ultimately, it is crucial to carefully evaluate your requirements and financial considerations before making a well-informed decision. We personally prefer the Canon Pixma Pro 100 as it has better speed and better connectivity options than that of the Canon Pixma Pro 10.

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