Canon Pixma TR7020 vs TR8620- Canon is known for delivering advanced, efficient, and reliable printers. It is the most famous and old-time brand in India. The connectivity system of these printers is great.

The Canon Pixma TR7020 and TR8620 match many criteria but they also have many differences, irrespective of their designs and printing performances. Let’s find out the differences and similarities between the two multifunctional printers.

Difference between Canon Pixma TR7020 Vs TR8620

Canon Pixma TR7020 vs TR8620

Design and build quality

The Canon PIXMA TR7020 has a moderate build design and screen. Its LED display is good in its performance and its plastic body feels solid in most of the parts.

The screen has a great contrast of black and white. There is a white light that travels from left to right while the printing is in the middle of its span. While changing the cartridge the printer needs to be switched on. Though the scanner lid lifts a little but is enough to scan books.

The Canon PIXMA TR8620 has a decent build quality with a plastic body feels sturdy. The scanner lid can hinge slightly to accommodate average size books. the excellent display helps to navigate the menu on its larger LCD touchscreen.

It has the access to scanning, copying, faxing, and printing. the menu. But accidentally the screen is prone to double clicks and it becomes irresponsible many times.

Printing speed and quality

In the case of printing quality and speed the two printers are good. In the Canon Pixma TR7020, the colors are vibrant and especially the yellow one. It supports the page size of 4”×6” and the input tray has an extender for large sizes.

But the printing speed of the printer is not too good. The printing speed is 3ppm (black) and 2 ppm( color). it also has an auto document feeder which can accommodate up to 35 paper sheets.

The canon TR8620 has the decent color quality and the details are very much vibrant. Whereas color printing is slow. There are two adjustable paper trays, one of them can hold 100 plains paper sheets, and the rear one can hold either 100 sheets or 20 sheets of 4”×6” pf photo papers. The printing speed is 9ppm(black) and 4ppm(color).

Scanning and copying

The Canon Pixma TR7020 is outstanding in its scanning quality. It has a flatbed and sheetfed scanner, but no duplex scanning so it can take a much longer time to scan double-sided documents. It doesn’t have the fax feature.

On the other hand, Canon Pixma TR8620 has a flatbed scanner that can scan average size books and an automatic document feeder and built-in fax. But unfortunately, it lacks duplex scanning, so one has to flip the pages of double-sided documents manually. 

Printing cost and page yields

Printing cost per page is the main aspect of any printer. The Canon Pixma TR7020 has a bad cartridge system with only two cartridges, and the black page yield is low. The page yields are 147 prints ( black) and 212 prints ( black) estimated.

The printer also has an impressive cost per print due to the moderate cartridge price. The cost per print is 0.122 US $ per print( black) and 0.118 US $ per print ( color). One has to replace the entire color cartridge once they run out of ink.  

The Canon TR8620 system of the cartridge is good, one black and four-color. It has a good number of color page yields. While the black page yields are low.

The page yield is 228 pages (black) and 343 pages (color). Also, it has a decent cost per print of 0.070 US $ per print ( black) and 0.117 US $ per print ( color).

Connectivity features.

Canon always makes printers that are easy to use, which makes them super friendly and famous. The Canon Pixma TR7020 has good communication options. It has WiFi, Bluetooth, wired USB connection.

Via the Canon print app, one can easily detect the ink levels. Scanning items from mobile is also available. Unfortunately, it does not support any external storage device like USB drives or SD cards.

The Canon Pixma TR8620 has an Ethernet connection which Canon Pixma TR7020 lacks, and also has Wifi, to connect with. It is compatible. with the Canon print app via which one can easily print, scan and copy the documents. Both the printers can work on Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS.

ConclusionCanon Pixma TR7020 vs TR8620

To conclude, it can be said that both the all-in-one printers have great features with excellent design and performance but the Canon Pixma TR8629 stands out to be the better one.

With the allover comparison of print quality, speed, page yields, and connection feature it can seem that Canon Pixma TR8620 has better page yields, much cheap cost per print, fast printing, and it produces great-looking photos with outstanding color contrast. Also, it has the facility to fax and it can print directly from the SD card, which is impressive.

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