Canon Mf642cdw Vs mf644cdw – Canon laser color printers are a great range of printers with their scanning, copying, and printing quality. The printers are provided with good connectivity and design to handle smoothly.

We are going to discuss the specifications of Canon MF642cdw and MF644cdw, we will try to find out their pros and cons by focusing on their printing, scanning quality, and connectivity features. So let’s begin.

The Canon MF644cdw outperforms the MF642cdw in design, build quality, printing speed, and quality, offering better color accuracy, page yields, and lower cost per print. Both excel in scanning and connectivity, making the MF644cdw the preferable choice for its superior features.

Difference between Canon Mf642cdw and mf644cdw

Canon  imageCLASS Mf642cdw Vs mf644cdw

Canon Mf642cdw Vs mf644cdw
Canon Mf642cdw Vs mf644cdw

Design and build quality

Canon MF642cdw is designed for medium and small businesses, as it offers high-quality maintenance. The quality of printing, scanning, and copying is great.

It comes with a 5-inch touchscreen display with buttons to operate day-to-day tasks very easily, also the auto document feeder helps to print documents a lot. It also comes with a decent connectivity system which makes it very user-friendly.

The Canon MF644cdw, it also has a 5-inch color touch screen with stunning scanning features. The plastic body feels sturdy. The scanner lid can hinge much to fit thicker books and magazines.

The icons are great to look and the removable power cable makes it more demanding. The visibility issue is minor as compared to other printers.

Printing speed and quality

Printing speed and quality work as the main aspects of Canon printers. The multifunctional printers are worth it with their high-quality printing facilities. The Canon MF642cd was a great printing output, the duplex printing helps to print fast and saves paper.

The auto document feeder can feed up to 50 sheets. It has a printing speed of up to 22ppm (letter). It can print up to 2500 pages per month with a max resolution of 600×600 DPI.

On the other hand, Canon MF644cdw comes with decent color accuracy as a laser printer. It also has an auto document feeder and duplex scanning mode.

The printing speed is the same as the MF642cdw 22ppm (letter) and 17.9ppm (legal). Though the color contrast is not very accurate, in the case of being a graphic designer this printer will not suit you. The monthly duty circle is 150-2500 prints.

Scanning and copying

Both printers have great scanning qualities. The Canon MF644cdw scans a document with moderate quality and speed. The auto document feeder helps to scan more quickly.

It can scan 28 images @minute (IPM) in black or white and up to 14 images @minute (IPM) in color. The resolutions are 300×600 DPI and 600×600 DPI. The scanned files can also be converted to multiple file formats like PDF, JPG, etc.

In canon MF644cdw, the single pass duplex scanning saves a lot of time in the case of scanning more and more documents at a time. The scan is up to 14 to 28 images per minute (white /color).

It can feed up to 50 pages in a feeder with a max resolution of 600×600 DPI. The copying feature is also great for these two multifunctional printers. It can copy up to 22ppm (letter). The scanner MF Utility app works only through USB.

Printing cost and page yields

Laser printers genuinely deliver low-cost prints. The Canon MF642cdw has a great cartridge system. Both the black and color yields are excellent. However, the color cartridges are a bit costly but worth it when it comes to the printing output.

The cost per print is great for MF642cdw i.e. 3.5 US $ (text) and 0.9 US $(photo) 8×10” and the page yields are 1500 pages(black) and 1200 pages (color) which is quite manageable for small businesses.

On the other side, The Canon MF644cdw comes with a great page yield and a moderate cartridge system. Each cartridge has an integrated drum so one doesn’t need to worry about the replacement since they get swapped out each time whenever you buy a new toner. Also, the cost per print is absolutely pocket-friendly.

If one prints a lot then the black cartridge will be not too expensive. However, the color cartridge will make you spend a bit more. The cost per print is 0.045 US $ per print (black) and 0.163 US $ per print (color). It also has page yields of 1615 prints (black) and 1361 prints (color) which is much better than Canon MF64cdw.

Connectivity features

Connectivity is the key feature of Canon laser printers. The Canon MF642cdw is a model that offers various printing methods via mobile and computers.

The Canon Print business applications that support Android and IOS platforms work pretty well on this device. It also supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB, and Ethernet.

The Canon MF644cdw has decent connectivity with Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and Bluetooth, and special thanks to its Ethernet connection. Also, its exceptional compatibility with Canon print makes it worthy for small businesses. It can print almost all kinds of formats with a direct phone scanning facility. 

Conclusion- Canon Mf642cdw Vs mf644cdw

The two printers resemble most of the specifications, but they do have differences too as we have mentioned above. Both the printers are really good in their scanning quality and Connectivity.

But the Canon MF644cdw has much superiority to overtake the Canon MF642cdw for its high-quality printing, color accuracy, better page yields, low cost per print, and connectivity.

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