Epson Eco Tank 4700 vs 2760 – The Epson Eco Tank printers are very familiar, user-friendly, and cost-effective. The Epson Eco Tank 4700 and 2760 are the two printers that we will be discussing in the following article and will see whether they are similar or not. Let’s begin this Epson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 2760 comparison.

Difference between Epson EcoTank 4700 and 2760

The Epson Eco Tank 4700 has better photo quality, a fax feature, and Ethernet connectivity, while the Epson Eco Tank 2760 offers higher page yields and more cost-effective printing. Both have similar slow printing speeds and scanning features. The choice between them depends on whether you prioritize features like photo quality, fax, and Ethernet (4700) or lower printing costs and higher page yields (2760).

Epson EcoTank 4700 Vs 2760 Specs Comparison

FeatureEpson EcoTank 4700Epson EcoTank 2760
Design and Build QualityAdequate design, flimsy output trays, extendable scanner lidAdequate design, limited scanner lid movement
Printing QualityBetter photo quality, moderate color accuracyGood quality, slightly grainy photos, dull yellow
Printing Speed (ppm)8 (Black), 4 (Color)8 (Black), 4 (Color)
Scanning FeaturesFlatbed, Auto Document Feeder, FaxFlatbed, OCR technology, no ADF
Printing Cost per Page$0.004 (Black), $0.012 (Color)$0.003 (Black), $0.007 (Color)
Page Yields175 pages (Black), 171 pages (Color)380 pages (Black), 274 pages (Color)
ConnectivityEthernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi DirectWi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, SD card slot
External Storage SupportNoneSD card slot

Detailed Comparison between Epson EcoTank 4700 and EcoTank 2760

Epson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 2760
Epson Eco Tank 4700 Vs 2760

Design and Build Quality

Both printers have adequate designs with great build quality. The Epson 4700 has easy access to the ink tanks however, the output trays are flimsy. The scanner lid can extend to scan larger items. It has a mediocre display of 1.5 inches with good navigation.

The Epson Eco Tank 2760 also has a small 1.5-inch LED display with good vertical visibility. Although both the printers don’t have touch screen displays. Unfortunately, the scanner lid can’t raise much to fit thick items.

Printing Quality and Speed

In terms of printing quality both the Epson printers are decent and the color accuracy is also moderate. The Epson Eco tank 4700 has a great photo quality with clear colors and a bit tinge of grayscale which can’t be in favor of the professionals.

Unfortunately, the printing speed of the printer is not good both the black and color prints take more than the expected time to deliver. It makes 8ppm (black) and 4ppm (color) which is the same as the Epson Eco tank 2760.

The Epson eco tank 2760 has good-quality printing with moderate color accuracy. The pictures have a bit grainy look and the yellow looks dull and most of the other colors also look different from the original one. The duplex printing helps to print both side pages easily. The speed of printing is as same as the Epson Eco tank 4700 i.e. 8ppm (black) and 4ppm (color).

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Scanning Features

The Epson Eco Tank 4700 and 2760 both have an impressive scanning feature. The Epson Eco Tank 4700 has both a Flatbed and auto document feeder to scan. The printer also has fax which can be a great addition in case of office use.

There is no duplex scanning so need needs to scan both pages manually. It takes more than one minute to scan a document with a max resolution of 1200 DPI.

On the other hand, the Epson Eco Tank 2760 has only the flatbed to scan no ADF is available as Epson Eco Tank 4700. It has OCR technology to scan and copy documents. It also can process double-sided documents as it doesn’t have a duplex scanning facility.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a faxing feature. But the color depth and resolution are good so one doesn’t need to worry about small details in the picture. It can scan up to 2 ppm.1200 DPI resolution.

Printing Cost and Page Yields

With the Epson Eco Tank, 4700 one can get an outstanding super tank system with four high-capacity ink tanks that yield lots of black and color inks. It yields 175 pages (black) and 171 pages (color) approximately. It is also very cost-effective in per-page printing. It costs only 0.004 US $ per page (black) and 0.012 US $ per page (color) which is really great. 

On the other side, the Epson Eco Tank 2760 also has moderate page yields and affordable cost per print. The super tank ink system helps the printer deliver countless pages. The four refillable ink tanks last much longer. It gives 380 pages (black) and 274 pages (color) and the cost per print is also lower than the Epson Eco tank 4700 i.e. 0.003 US $ per print ( black) and 0.007 US $ per print ( color).

Connectivity Features

Both printers have good connectivity options. The Epson Eco Tank 4700 has Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct and it is compatible with the Epson I print app through which you can print scan, and copy photos and can maintain the ink levels. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include any kind of external storage support so one cannot be able to print through a USB thumb drive or SD card.

The Epson Eco tank 2760 doesn’t have Ethernet but has Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, and an SD card slot on the front of the printer. It is fully compatible with the Epson I print, Apple Air Print, or Morphia. Printer maintenance can be done through the Epson print app easily.

Conclusion – Epson EcoTank 4700 Vs 2760

To conclude, it can be said that both of the printers are good family printers as they have well connectivity and performance. On one hand, The Epson Eco Tank4700 has an auto document feeder and an Ethernet to plug directly into the router.

On the other hand, the Epson Eco Tank 2760 has high page yields and low cost per print and also supports printing through a USB thumb lastly, unlike the Epson EcoTank 4700, the Epson 2760 has duplex printing which makes the printing experience more soothing.

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