Brother TN630 vs TN660- The laser printers that use toner cartridges, also known as “printer toner,” are basically powder-based ink. The toner is made of carbon black, fine plastic particles, and other coloring agents. The toner transfers into the paper by using an electrostatically charged drum, which is fused to the paper by the warmed-up rollers.

The two Brother TN630 and TN660 toners are amazing and can be a great choice for those who are really looking for quality toner. The Brother TN660 is well suited for office uses, while the Brother TN630 is suitable for printing home documents and for less printing.

In fact, both printers are almost the same weight and deliver professional printing along with longevity, which makes them more demanding and appealing. The two-toners support more than 12 variants of printers.

Difference between Brother TN630 and TN660

The main difference between them is the cartridge, as the Brother TN660 has a high-yielding cartridge while the Brother TN630 has the standard cartridge. The main purpose of buying a toner is how many pages it prints.

So which one is more palatable and which one is not? This question may create confusion, so here is the easy solution. In this article, we are going to compare the two toners, and we will see their pros and cons accordingly with a detailed explanation.

FeatureBrother TN630Brother TN660
Cartridge TypeStandardHigh-yield
Suitable forHome documents and less printingOffice use
Price (Original Brother Toner)$40 – $50 USD$70 – $80 USD
Page Yield1200 pages2600 pages
Cost per Page3.3 cents2.1 cents
CompatibilityDCP-L2520DW, HL-L2305W, MFC-L2360DW, HL-L2340DW, DCP-L2540DW, and moreSupports over 12 variants of printers
Print QualityGoodExcellent
LongevityLong lifespan due to strong plasticLong lifespan due to strong plastic
PriceSee Offer PriceSee Offer Price

Brother TN630 vs TN660 Comparison in Detail

Brother TN630 vs TN660
Brother TN630 vs TN660

Affordable printing

The Brother TN660 has much better value for money than the Brother TN630 and it is a much better alternative and more compatible toner with great quality printing at half the price of the Brother TN630.

Here are some names of the supporting printers for both the toner TN630 and TN660. They are DCP-L2520DW, HL-L2305W, MFC-L2360DW, HL-L2340DW, DCP-L2540DW, etc.

So, in the matter of support, both of the toners don’t have much comparison, but in the matter of price, there is a difference. The price of the Brother TN630 cartridges lies between 40 $ USD and 50 $ USD ( for the original Brother toner), whereas the Brother TN660 ranges between 70 $ USD and 80 $ USD (for the original Brother toner). In spite of having the support of 13 printers, both of the toners work pretty well on the standard size of A4 pages.

Persistence and longevity

One of the main reasons for buying the toners is the continuity and the long span. In that case, both the Brother TN630 and TN660, which are basically made of strong plastic, won’t create any problems.

The two-toners are connected with additional strong elements, which gives them a long span of life without disclosing any kind of glitch. As there are no electronic parts in the core of the toners, they are meant to have a long life. The toners can be refilled.

Running costs

The running costs are basically how much the printer takes to maintain it, whether by the printing or manual maintenance. The cost per page is detected by dividing the printer cartridge costs by the page yields. By finding out this, one can easily figure out which product has the better running costs.

So here we are going to see the cost-per-page comparison between the Brother TN630 and TN660 toner cartridges. The cost of the TN630 standard cartridge is 39.99 US dollars, whereas the TN660 costs 55.49 US dollars.

Also, the Brother TN630 yields 1200 pages, but the Brother TN660 yields more than double that, i.e., 2600 pages. In terms of cost per page, the TN660 is much more economical than the TN630 as it costs 2.1 cents per page while the TN630 costs 3.3 cents per page.

It can be clearly seen that the above information shows that the Brother TN660 is a high-yield cartridge that not only yields more pages but also has a low cost per page and which appears to be more persistent with the consumption of general printer habits.


The Brother TN660 is way better than the Brother TN630. As we can see above, it prints the bulk of pages at a stunningly low cost and delivers outstanding quality prints every single time. So it can be said that TN660 has the best value as per its compatibility, performance, and endurance. 

F.A.Q about Brother TN630 vs TN660

Q: What is the main difference between Brother TN630 and TN660?

Ans: Firstly, both the Brother toners function identically, but the TN660 is a high-yield cartridge that can print approximately 2600 pages before it needs to be replaced. The TN630, on the other hand, is a standard-yield cartridge that prints only 1200 pages with adequate quality. 

Q: Will a Brother TN660 ( Compatible) toner cartridge work with Brother laser printers?

Ans: Ok, so basically a compatible toner means a toner that is not made by the original manufacturer, i.e., Brother. However, the compatible toner cartridges will work the same as the original ones and will create no issues at all. These kinds of alternatives are made of the same components as the names of the original brands and have almost no quality difference. So one can go for it.

Q. What is better between Brother TN630 and Brother TN660?

Ans: The Brother TN660 is way better than the Brother TN630 as it prints the bulk of pages at a stunningly low cost and delivers outstanding quality prints every single time.

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