Canon printers deliver quality photos, which is essential as a communication tool. A good printer must produce professional prints every single time with high accuracy. In this article, we are going to discuss two Canon Pixma printers, the Canon Pixma Pro 10S and the Canon Pixma Pro 100S, and will try to find out if there is any difference or not. Let’s get started.

Difference Between Canon Pixma Pro 10S and Pixma Pro 100S

The major difference between Canon Pixma Pro 10S and Pixma Pro 100S is that Canon Pixma Pro 10S has a higher page yield than Canon Pixma Pro 100s and the cost of it is also lesser than Pixma Pro 100S.

Canon Pixma Pro 10S vs 100S Comparison in Detail

Canon Pixma Pro 10S vs 100S
Canon Pixma Pro 10S vs 100S

Design and Build Quality

Both the Canon printers have quite decent designs and build quality. The Canon Pixma Pro 10S comes in a rectangular shape with solid black color. It has a 150-sheet capacity and decent printing quality. It also has good connectivity options, which will make the printing procedure smooth and appealing.

The Canon Pixma Pro 100S color wireless printer offers an attractive design that easily fits on the table. The A3 printer consumes less power and has LED indicators to run the tasks more efficiently. Both printers have great printing quality, but sadly, no scanning, copying, or faxing facilities are there.

Printing Speed and Quality

The Canon Pixma Pro 10S uses Full Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) technology to improve printing speed and quality. In this technology, the ink droplets are steadily released and fix their volumes with even distribution, which produces a grain-free image.

It just needs to connect any compatible camera to the direct print port and then link via Pictbridge to start printing. That much is simple. It takes 5 minutes and 20 seconds to produce an A3+ color print or black and white photos with a resolution of 48002400 DPI.

On the other hand, the Canon Pixma Pro 100S is a wireless color printer that is really good for home printing. The 8-color dye-based ink system creates stunning color prints. The Pixma Cloud Ink connectivity and the Pictbridge make the printer super demanding.

It creates an A3 photo within 1 min 30 sec in the border with a resolution of 48002400 DPI. Additionally, the printer comes with duplex printing, which makes it more supreme than the Canon Pixma Pro-10S.

Ink Cartridges

Canon Pixma Pro printers have a great ink tank system and super printing quality. The Canon Pixma Pro 10S comes with 10 ink tanks – Yellow, Magenta, Photo Black, Matte Black, Grey, Cyan, Photo Magenta, Red, and Chroma Optimizer. The FINE technology makes the printing experience smoother. It has 7680 nozzles(768 nozzles for each of the ten cartridges).

The Canon Pixma Pro 100S, the color inkjet printer, has an 8-dye ink tank. They are Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, Grey, Light Grey, and Black. The Canon Chroma Life+ inkset is used for printing purposes. The ink set features three monochrome inks for an accurate color combination. Both printers feature printing up to 4800 x 2400 DPI.

Page Yields

When it comes to page yields, the Canon Pixma Pro 10S with its pigment-based color inks, three monochrome inks, and Chroma optimizer prints glossy prints with the dense black printing quality. The LUCIA pigments last for 200+ years whenever they are used with the designated Canon photo and fine art paper. It produces 238 A3+ photos (matte black), 132 A3+ photos (Red), 86 A3+ photos (photo cyan), and 83 A3+ photos (Magneta), among other things.

On the other hand, the Canon Pixma Pro 100S is ideal for A2 and A3 print sizes. The FINE technology, the borderless printing and the compatibility with the Optimum Generating System, the Pixma Cloud Ink connectivity, and the Pictbridge make the printer super demanding. It yields 142 prints (light grey), 66 prints (grey), 62 prints, 59 prints (Cyan), etc. The printer delivers really good quality photos at an affordable price.

Connectivity Features

In terms of connectivity, both the Canon Pixma printers are equipped with good connections. The Canon Pixma Pro 10S has cloud-based image sharing, image hosting, and other online video platform services like Zenfolio and Smug Mug that promotes images successfully. Printing can be sent from Facebook, Google Drive, One Drive, and other services using the Pixma cloud link. Also, it directly commands the Canon Print app.

The Canon Pixma Pro 100S working with the OIG system has great connectivity. It stays connected to the cloud apps like Facebook, Dropbox, etc. The Direct Disc printing facility allows you to print from compatible CDS.

It is very easy to print directly through the Canon Print app. It permits photo enhancement of quality through Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Canon Digital Photo Professional.


The Canon Pixma Pro printers are great with the perfect mixture of style and substance. The Canon Pixma Pro 10S inkjet printer produces better quality photos, has high page yields, is energy efficient, and costs less.

But the Canon Pixma Pro 100S is much better for its duplex printing, less power consumption, smart A3+ printing compatibility, high-quality inks, borderless printing, etc.

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