Hp Envy 6220 Vs 6230- The Hp Envy printers are the most demanding and trending choice for office uses. These range of printers have almost all the qualities i.e. needed for office as well as home uses. The All-in-one printers not only supports scanning, copying and printing but also they come with the duplex scanning and printing options which make the process much easier to run.

In this article we are going to compare two well known printers Hp Envy 6220 and 6230 and will try to see their similarities and differences accordingly. So lets get into it.

Difference between Hp Envy 6220 and 6230

These two Hp Envy printers came from the same family, i.e. the Hp 6200 family. The printers have almost the same specification and qualities but the main differences are their price and cartridge system. The Hp Envy 6220 goes with the 804 cartridge and the Hp Envy 6230 with the 303 cartridges and the 6230 is a bit higher in price than the Hp Envy 6220. Another difference is that the Hp Envy 6220 comes with the 12 months trial ink but the Hp Envy 6230 comes with 4 months trial ink.

Hp Envy 6220 vs 6230 Comparison

Hp Envy 6220 vs 6230 Comparison
Hp Envy 6220 vs 6230 Comparison

Design and build quality

The Two Hp printers come with superb design along with sleek body and bold build quality. The Hp Envy 6220 has a smooth black body with a 2.2 inch touchscreen display. The captive monochrome display is really helpful to the users to do the printing tasks more quickly. The printer also has smooth and vibrant color printing along scanning and copying.

On the other hand, the Hp Envy 6230 has a good touchscreen display of 2.2 inches which helps users to copy, scan and print documents.Moreover it has good input tray capacity and the instant ink facility helps to print documents more smoothly and fast. The all in one printer makes hard copies with less effort and it also has a good built connectivity system.

Printing quality and speed

In terms of printing both the Hp Envy printers perform well. The Hp Envy 6220 works with Hp thermal inkjet technology which makes the printing process worth running. The duplex printing helps to print double sided pages easier with much accuracy.

It has a printing speed of 14ppm (black) and 9ppm (color) which is really great. The texts are much clearer as it can print with a resolution of 1200×1200 DPI with a monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages. 

Here the Hp Envy 6230 also comes with great printing quality with eprint and good connectivity. The monochrome prints work best, especially the black ink , although the colour prints are also not bad at all. It also has duplex printing to minimize the paper usage and save time. It has a printing speed of 13ppm (black) and 8ppm (color) and a monthly duty cycle upto 1000 pages. 

Scanning and copying

Both the printers have decent scanning and copying facilities. The Hp Envy 6220 has great scanning features along with copying and printing. Though it doesn’t have the auto document feeder, it can scan with great resolution with decent speed. It can copy upto 50 pages with a speed of 21cpm. On the other hand the Hp Envy 6230 has also good scanning features.

It scans with the CIS technology with good resolutions and can also copy with good speed and quality. Both the printers have almost the same scanning and copying features.

Printing costs and page yields

Hp envy printers come with the instant ink facility which cuts the printing costs drastically and makes the printing experience better. Both the Hp Envy 6220 and 6230 have 1 black cartridge and 1 tri color cartridge which makes the printing beautiful. The page yields of the two printers are almost the same i.e. 200 pages ( black) and 163 pages ( color).

As the printer comes with  instant Hp ink so this reduces up to 70% of the cost of print per page and make prints more affordable. Although this instant inks deal is good, as the ink costs are high so these types of printers can’t be used as regular printers. 

Connectivity features

Hp printers are well connected. The Hp Envy 6220 and 6230 comes with great Wi-Fi  settings , built-in Wi-Fi , USB 2.0 and it’s very easy to connect with the printers via the WiFi and both the printers run with Apple Airprint.

Although the connectivity is good, the set up procedure will make you exhausted , but tech lovers can easily manage that. Hp printers are really great in maintaining their connectivity options and status. 

Conclusion– Hp Envy 6220 vs 6230

The two Hp Envy all in one printers are pretty well in their service. Also one can easily get the instant ink by only signing up to Hp ink. Both the printers have familiar specifications except some of the aspects including cartridge system, price range etc. Although both of them are extremely well performed and user friendly so choosing one of them might be a hard task.

If your budget is little tight, you can without any doubt go for Hp Envy 6220 as it is priced lower than Hp Envy 6230. Still in doubt, let us know by commenting down below.

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