Hp Desk Jet 2755 Vs 2755e- The Hp Desk jet printers are specially designed for home uses and occasional use. They are really good in their designs and build quality.

We are going to compare the two printers i.e. HP Desk jet 2755 and 2755e and will try to see their specifications accordingly. Let’s get started.

Difference between Hp Desk Jet 2755 Vs 2755e

Hp Desk Jet 2755 Vs 2755e
Hp Desk Jet 2755 Vs 2755e

Design and build quality

Both the printers have the mediocre build quality and small displays. The Hp Desk jet 2755 paper tray is not on the front and the scanner lid also can’t hinge much to fit thick items.

The small display can’t tilt much and also the visibility is poor. Although there are seven buttons to control the power, resume, cancel printing and see paper information, etc.

On the other hand, the Hp Desk jet 2755e also has a disappointing build quality and display. There is no paper tray and the rear feeder can hold up to 60 pages and the scanner lid can’t raise much to fit thick documents. The small display is visible as per and the seven physical buttons are pretty well in their performance.

Printing speed and quality

In terms of printing quality both the printers are in passable condition. The Hp desjket2755 has banding of colors with some graininess and mainly the color accuracy is bad.

In that case, the printed picture will look completely different from the original one so it can’t be the favorite device for the photographers.

It also delivers printing much slower than any other Hp inkjet printer. It has a printing speed of 5ppm (black) and 3ppm (color). The Hp Desk jet 2755e also has an okay type printing quality with a slow printing speed. 

Bluish tones are present in the scanned pictures which look bad in many cases. And mostly there is a lot of vertical banding and many grainy pictures are been produced. Additionally, the printer prompts to turn the sheet after the first side of the sheet is done. It has a speed of 3ppm (black) and 4ppm (color) just like the Hp Desk jet 2755.

Scanning features

With the Hp Desk jet 2755 and 2755e, one can get moderate scanning and copying features. The Hp Desk jet 2755 has a flatbed scanner only that’s why it takes a long time to print and also the lid can’t hinge much.

But the good side is that the OCR technology lets you scan the documents into a PDF file. One can get up to 2ppm with a max resolution of 1200 DPI.

On the other hand, the Hp Desk jet 2755e also has a flatbed scanner which gives high color saturations and good resolution but no document feeder so one needs to flip the pages manually to scan. It has a scanning speed of 2ppm. Both the printer doesn’t have the facility of faxing.

Printing costs and page yields

The Hp desjket2755 has a bad cartridge system as the black ink runs out very fast so one needs to replace them more often. As it has only one color cartridge so if it runs out the printing will stop working, although it accepts third-party cartridges.

It yields111 pages (black) and 61 pages (color) estimated and has the printing cost of 0.144 US $ per print (black) and 0.279 US $per print (color). One can subscribe to HP + ink for easy ink replacements.

On the other hand, the Hp Desk jet 2755e has bad page yields for both black and color pages. The printer has the HP+ ink subscription which accepts only the original Hp cartridges.

Although the cartridges are cheap it yields a low number of pages and needs often cartridge replacements. It yields 104 pages (black) and 63 pages (color).

As this printer has six months ink subscription so they will send the necessary ink whenever you are finished. It costs 154 US $ per print (black) and 270 US $ per print (color).

Connectivity features

Both the Hp printers have well connectivity including wired and wireless connections. The Hp Desk jet 2755 has USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, etc. It’s fully compatible with the HP smart app, so one can scan and print with their phone easily and they can also maintain the printer’s tasks through the mobile.

The Hp Desk jet 2755e also has USB and Wi-Fi and it supports Bluetooth for setup purposes only. It is also fully compatible with the HP smart app however the maximum resolution is 300 DPI when you are scanning the phone’s picture.

Conclusion Hp Desk Jet 2755 vs 2755e

Both the printers are almost the same in their specifications but to be more precise, the Hp desk jet 2755e comes with a free six months subscription to Hp instant ink.

Although the Hp Desk jet 2755 yields more pages with a bit low cost per print than the Hp Desk jet 2755e. But neither printer has the duplex printing feature.

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