HP 8025 vs 8035- Do you want to buy an HP OfficeJet Pro printer? If you do, you must be in a confusion about which one is the best printer in this series, right? This is why we are here to solve your problem by giving you a detailed review of two printers of this category, that are – the HP 8025 and the HP 8035. These two printers are very much able to offer the users enough flexibility and multifunctionalitythat the users can easily rely on these printers for heavy workloads.

These printers are equipped with the HP Smart app, Smart Tasks, compatibility with Alexa, low cost per page, Instant Ink Program, and many other beautiful features. So let’s compare the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 and the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 printers!

HP 8025 vs 8035 Compared

FeatureHP 8025HP 8035
DesignSolid, high-quality plasticSolid, high-quality plastic
Dimensions (inches)18.11 x 9.21 x 13.4318.11 x 9.21 x 13.43
Weight (pounds)18.0418.1
Display Screen6.8 cm color touchscreenSimilar color touchscreen
Paper Handling225-sheet input, 60-sheet output225-sheet input, 60-sheet output
Print Speed (Black)Up to 20 ppmUp to 29 ppm
Print Speed (Color)Up to 10 ppmUp to 25 ppm
MaintenanceSimple, inkjet-like maintenanceSimple, inkjet-like maintenance
Print QualityUp to 4800 × 1200 dpiUp to 4800 × 1200 dpi
ConnectivityEthernet, WiFi 802.11 b/g/nEthernet, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Additional FeaturesFlatbed scanner, ADF for scanningFlatbed scanner, ADF for scanning
Multifunction: print, scan, copy, faxMultifunction: print, scan, copy, fax
RecommendationSuitable for home or small officeHP 8035 is slightly better due to faster print speed
HP 8025 vs 8035
HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 vs the HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

HP 8025 vs 8035 Detailed Comparison with Key Difference


If you look at the build quality of both the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers, you will get enough satisfaction. Both of these printers have good build quality. They both are made up of high quality plastic that gives them solid and sturdy look. The design of the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers is so convenient that you can access inside the printers if paper jams occur.

Now it’s time to compare the dimensions and weight of the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers. The HP 8025 printer is measured 18.11 × 9.21 × 13.43 inches. Surprisingly, the HP 3025 printer also has the same dimensions. But there is a slight difference between the weight of these two printers. While the HP 8025 printer weighs only 18.04 pounds, the other one weighs 18.1 pounds.

Display Screen

The HP 8025 printer has a vertically tilted colortouchscreen of 6.8 cm. This display screen includes responsive buttons. It can provide you audible feedback. The HP 8035 printer also has a color display screen with similar features.

Paper Handling

While it comes to handle papers, both the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers show similar results. Both of these printers have an input tray in each which can hold up to 225 sheets and an output tray in each that can hold up to 60 sheets.

Print Speed

In terms of maximum speed of printing with black ink cartridge, the HP 8035 printer is faster than the HP 8025 printer. While the HP 8025 printer can produce up to 20 pages per minute in black, the HP 8035 printer can produce up to 29 pages per minute.

Even with color ink cartridges, the HP 8035 printer shows more speed of printing than the HP 8025 printer. While the HP 8035 printer can produce up to 25 pages per minute in color, the HP 8025 printer can produce only up to 10 pages per minute.


Both the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers have very simple procedure for maintenance. The maintenance of both of these printers is as easy as that of an inkjet printer. Cleaning of printhead, printhead alignment, smear cleaning, etc. you have to do in order to prevent paper jams or deterioration of print quality. That’s all.

Print Quality

The quality of printing of both the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printersis quite satisfactory. Both of these printers have the maximum print resolution of up to 4800 × 1200 dpi. You can get vibrant colour prints with fine details from these printers, though often you may face less details and banding in shadowy or grayareas. If you print casual images or documents, you will see decent color accuracy with professional look.

Connectivity Features

Both the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers can be connected to your home network through the Ethernet connectivity option. They both support wireless connectivity through WiFi 802.11 b/g/n. Wired connectivity option is also available in both of these printers.

These two printers of the HP OfficeJet Pro series has the HP Smart App which you have to install on your smartphone or tablet. This app will help you create shortcuts to scan documents, save them, and print or email them.

Other Features

The HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers are multifunctional printers, so they have scanning and copying features, too. Both of them have flatbed scanners that are reliable for scanning bulky books or fragile old photographs. There is an Automatic Document Feeder or ADF in each of these printers which can scan multiple documents swiftly.

Bottom Lines

After assessing the whole article, it can be clearly said that the HP 8025 and the HP 8035 printers are quite similar to each other. Both not only print, but also scan and copy. They can do fax also.The only major difference between them is the speed of printing. The HP 8035 printer is a little faster than the HP 8025 printer. So though both these printers are suitable for your home or small office, the HP 8035 will be better.

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