Epson Workforce 7820 vs 7840- The Epson Workforce 7820 and 7840 are all-new multi-tasking printers in a comprehensive format that mainly cover small and medium businesses. The printers are equipped with printing, scanning, copying, and faxing with moderate speed and nice quality.

They have heat-free technology to eliminate excess heat during the printing procedure. Eventually, it saves more time and consumes less power than other printers. In this article, we will try to find out if there are any differences between these two printers or not. So let’s discuss.

Difference between Epson WF 7820 and Epson WF 7840

Basically, these two printers are from the same family. The Epson WF 7840 is the other variant of the Epson WF 7820 so, as it can be seen accordingly that the Epson WF 7840 is much better than the Epson WF 7820 as it has 550 sheet of paper capacity, low printing costs and a good number of page yields. But the Epson WF offers a lower cost per print and a good cartridge system than the other. Although both of them have a wide format of printing with a supporting tray of 13”×19” in paper size.

Epson Workforce 7820 vs 7840 Compared

Epson Workforce 7820 vs 7840

Design and Build Quality

Epson printers have great build quality and design too. The Epson Workforce 7820 comes with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display with quick navigation and control buttons. It has a new Epson Smart Panel app for enhancing connectivity. The printer has a sleek body with wide printing options. The screen visibility is also quite good from every angle. 

The Epson Workforce 7840 also has a 4.3 inch color display with touch sensitive buttons but the viewing angles are not that much better. It has two input trays of 250 sheet capacity each. the scanner lid stays and can hinge upto higher positions to scan other big items. Both the printers are very much compact and well-designed with decent cartridge systems and the audio feedback facility makes them super trendy.

Printing Quality and Speed

Coming to the printing quality, the Epson Workforce 7820 proves to be moderate in its performance. It has nice printing quality with duplex printing which helps to print double-sided documents and saves more time. The heat-free technology helps to process the task more smoothly and hassle-free. It has a 250-sheet paper capacity with a wide format printing of 13”×19” paper sizes. The printer delivers prints with a speed of 25ppm (black) and 12ppm (color).

On the other hand, the Epson Workforce 7840 also comes with great printing quality and color accuracy. Although the colors are not exactly the same as the original ones, professionals will find it a bit blunt in color accuracy. It has a splendid paper capacity, two input trays of 250 pieces of paper each. It prints monochrome documents faster than color ones. The printer has a speed of 25ppm(black) and 12ppm(color).

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Scanning and Copying

If we talk about the scanning and copying features, both the Epson WF printers are pretty well in these aspects. The Epson Workforce 7820 has a CIS sensor for scanning which supports PC scanning. The duplex scanning and the Auto Documents Feeder scanning options make the process smoother and more enjoyable. It has the 50-sheet ADF which can scan documents with decent speed. Both the printers have copying and faxing facilities. 

The Epson WF 7840 has also a CIS sensor for scanning. it has both Duplex scanning and ADF so that the scanning process can be smoother and faster. The scanner lid can raise much to scan thicker items easily. It scans with the highest resolution of 1200 DPI with a speed of 7ppm ( black and color). Also, it can copy up to 999 pages with moderate speed.

Printing Costs and Page Yields

In terms of page yields and cartridge system, the Epson Workforce 7820 has four individual ink cartridges which yield 350 pages ( black) and 300 pages ( color). There are also high-yield cartridges that can yield a good number of pages. Although the printer offers a low cost per print of 3.3 Cents per page ( black) and 11.3 Cents per page ( color).

On the other hand, the Epson Workforce 7840 also has a good cartridge system along with moderate page yields. It has three individual cartridges which yield a great number of pages. It can yield 361 pages ( black) and 297 pages ( color). The black cartridges don’t last long so you have to replace them quite often. The cost per page print is comparatively higher than the Epson WF 7820 i.e. 5.5 cents per page ( black) and 13 cents per page (color).

Connectivity Features

Both of the printers have fine connectivity options which will make the printing process easier for the user. They both have Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, USB, and access to the Epson print app, from which one can easily edit print, and scan the desired documents using their mobile phone. Unfortunately, both the printers don’t have the facility of Bluetooth. Through the Epson Iprint app one can easily monitor all the tasks including ink levels, ordered cartridges, and many other maintenance tasks.


The two Epson printers are really great pieces of all-in-one gadgets for office and home use. The Epson Workforce 7820 has great printing capability along with low cost per print and a good cartridge system, on the other side, the Epson Workforce 7840 has a great input sheet capacity of 550 pages and better number of page yields than the other. Both of the printer comes with one one-year warranty.

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