Canon Selphy 1500 vs 1300- Canon Selphy printers are the popular series of photo printers that can create photos with due accuracy. These instant photo printers are not only compact and light weight but also very easy to use. They are equipped with high quality printing and decent connectivity options which will raise the quality of the printer. Today in this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of the two Canon printers, Canon Selphy CP 1300 and 1500. So let’s get into it.

Difference between Canon Selphy CP 1300 and 1500

Though the Canon Selphy CP1500 is the upgraded version of Canon Selphy CP1300 but they have many similarities and dissimilarities too. The Canon Selphy CP1500 has a large display screen than that of the Canon Selphy CP1300. However the Canon CP 1500 is bit light in weight and compact than the Canon CP1300 and it also has a better printing speed as compared to the other one.

Canon Selphy 1500 vs 1300 Detailed Comparison

Canon Selphy 1500 vs 1300
Canon Selphy 1500 vs 1300 Compared

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to design and build quality, the Canon portable printers are really great in this aspect. Both the printers have big LCD color displays, though the Canon Selphy CP 1500 has bit large screen (3.5 inch) as compared to Canon Selphy CP 1300( 3.2 inch).Though the screen is large but it has lack of functioning and it’s not touch screen. The build quality is very good and the operating buttons are also well performed and the sleek body feels so smooth.

The Canon Selphy CP1300has a slot for all the dye sub cartridges in the side of the printer but the input tray is quite bigger and upgraded than that of the Canon Selphy CP1500. Both the printer delivers superb photo quality along with nice colors. The Canon Selphy CP1500 here comes in solid black, pink or white options which look really smart and appealing. It is highly capable of all the mobile printings and the best thing is that you don’t need to worry about the ink mess.

Printing Quality

Both the Canon photo printers are compatible with premium quality photo printings within pocket friendly costs. The Canon Selphy CP1300 and CP1500 come with a 6×4 inch standard postcard printings with wide variety of media options. There are three inks in the Canon Selphy CP1500 andthe dye sublimation process is used for printing just as the Canon Selphy CP1300 uses and they have almost same kind of printing quality as the other.

The tonal ranges, the color rendition and the clarity is much better and rich in both portraits and landscape photo colors. These photo printers can’t be compared to inkjet printers as the color dyes may be visible on the top of the each other but in case of inkjet printers the droplets of various inks will be placed adjacently. Both the printer has the max printing resolution of 300×300 DPI which is pretty decent for producing a high definitional photo print. Especially the Canon CP1300 can make collage photos from up to 8 individual devices which can combine more than one photo in a single frame.

In case of printing speed and costs, both of the printers are quiet good in this. The Canon CP1500 has a good printing speed , can create a 6×4 inch photo in almost 40 seconds and a credit card shaped prints takes 23 seconds to print. Whereas the Canon CP1300 a 6×4 print in 47 seconds which is bit slower than the other. Fortunately the printing costs are affordable i.e  they takes around £0.32 to £0.34 per 6×4 inch photo printings. Also both the printers have good page yields of approx 54 prints per ink cartridges.

Canon Selphy 1500 vs 1300 Comparison
Canon Selphy 1500 vs 1300 Comparison

Connectivity Features

Connectivity has a significant role in making a printer more user friendly. The Canon Selphy CP1500 can print without a laptop or computer and via Wi-Fi direct with cell phones or camera as well. In the case of Canon CP1300 the SD/SDHC slots are retained for printing from memory cards and the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct are also supported.

But sadly the Canon CP1500 doesn’t have the Bluetooth functions, though it works pretty well with mobile phones and cameras. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and the Canon printing app helps lot to print flawlessly.

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Canon Photo printers are light weight and compact. The Canon Selphy CP1300 (Check Price) and CP1500 (Check Price) are the two great printers with stunning printing quality and decent connectivity. Although they have many similarities in design and printing quality but they also have some differences too. All-over it can be said that both the printers are very much worthy in their price and printings.

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