Brother MFC-L2710DW vs MFC-L2750DW- The Brother laser printers have the advantages of speed, precision, and economy. Laser printers have decent speed with reasonable running costs. In this article, we are going to discuss the two Brother laser printers, MFC-L2710DW and MFC-L2750DW, according to their specifications. Let’s get started.

Difference between Brother MFC-L2710DW vs MFC-L2750DW

Brother MFC-L2710DW has a smaller non-touch 5.1-inch display, adequate monochrome print quality, and 1938 page yield at 0.022 US dollars per page. It lacks NFC. Brother MFC-L2750DW features a larger 6.5-inch touchscreen, duplex printing, and higher page yields, delivering 36 prints per minute at the same cost. It includes NFC for added functionality.

Brother MFC-L2710DW vs MFC-L2750DW Specs Comparison

FeatureBrother MFC-L2710DWBrother MFC-L2750DW
Design and Build QualitySmaller 5.1-inch non-touch display, adequate designLarger 6.5-inch touchscreen, slightly better design
Printing QualityAdequate monochrome quality, grainy printsMedium-quality monochrome prints
Printing Speed32 ppm, 11.7 sec/page36 ppm, 11.3 sec/page
Scanning FeaturesADF and flatbed, 1200 DPI (flatbed) / 600 DPI (ADF)ADF and flatbed, 1200 DPI
Page Yields & Costs1938 prints at 0.022 US dollars/pageHigh page yields at 0.022 US dollars/page
Connectivity FeaturesDecent connectivity (Wi-Fi, Ethernet)Enhanced connectivity (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, NFC)
OverallAdequate performanceEnhanced functionality
Brother MFC-L2710DW vs MFC-L2750DW
Brother MFC-L2710DW vs MFC-L2750DW

Design and build quality

The Brother MFC-L2710DW comes with an outstanding design. The black plastic body feels sturdy. The scanner lid can be hinged a little to accommodate thick items.

But the display is quite disappointing at 5.1 inches, a small two-line LCD, and not even screen touch, so all the tasks have to be done through the navigation buttons. The viewing angles are also not much better. Additionally, the printer has some specific buttons for FAX, SCAN, and COPY.

On the other hand, the Brother MFC-L2750DW has a comparatively big display a 6.5-inch touch screen. The excellent design helps you to operate all the tasks easily.

The printer body feels great, but the display screen can’t tilt much for better visibility. It has easy access to paper jams, but the built-in power cord creates a bit of a problem in replacing it.

Printing quality and speed

Being monochrome laser printers, both the Brother printers have mediocre printing quality. The Brother MFC-L2710DW has passable quality, which is expected from a monochrome printer, with a lot of grain, and banding in prints.

The printer comes with a 250-sheet input tray and the duplex printing makes the printing experience smoother. It can only print in black. But in the case of speed, the printer works as a wonder. It has a speed of 32ppm ( black) and takes 11.7 seconds to print a single black page, which is really great.

The Brother MFC-L2750DW comes with duplex printing and a 250-sheet input tray with medium-quality printing. Though the quality is bad, the speed of printing is good.

It takes a little time to warm up, but in longer documents, it works very quickly. It delivers 36 prints per minute (black) and takes 11.3 secs to print a single black page document.

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Scanning features

Both printers have great scanning quality. The MFC-L2710DW has both a flatbed and an auto document feeder to deliver multiple prints with speed and accuracy. In the matter of resolution, while scanning on a flatbed, the resolution is 1200 DPI, but in an ADF the resolution decreases to 600 DPI.

The 50-sheet ADF scanner can scan at a speed of 9ppm. With OCR technology, both the printers perform the copying feature and both have a faxing facility.

The Brother MFC-L2750DW also has an ADF and a flatbed scanner to perform the scanning tasks. Additionally, the ADF can perform duplex scanning in a single pass, which saves a lot of time when scanning double-sided documents. The printer can scan at a speed of 7ppm and can scan with a max resolution of 1200 DPI.

Page yields and printing costs

Regarding page yields, the Brother MFC-L2710DW has a stunning cartridge system with great page yields. There is also the availability of high-yield cartridges if needed.

The printer also accepts third-party toners. It yields 1938 prints estimated in black. The printer also has cheap running costs. The drum is a separate part and it needs to be replaced often after approximately 12000 pages. It costs 0.022 US dollars per page printed (black only).

The Brother MFC-L2750DW also has an exceptional cartridge system with high yields. The toner’s high yield capacity doesn’t create the need to replace the cartridge often and lets you save some money too. It costs 0.022 US per page (black) and, sadly, both printers can’t print color documents.

Connectivity features

Both printers have decent connectivity in both wired and wireless variants. The MFC-L2750DW has Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi-direct, etc. for better connectivity. Brother printers support Iprint, Apple AirPrint, and Morphia, with which one can easily access maintenance tasks.

On the other hand, the Brother MFC-L2750DW also has Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct. It also has NFC support and can be used with an NFC-enabled mobile device.

It also has Iprint and Morphia support for performing all kinds of maintenance tasks. Sadly, both printers don’t have Bluetooth and external storage.

Conclusion– Brother MFC-L2710DW vs MFC-L2750DW

The specifications of Brother’s two laser mono printers, the MFC-L2710DW and MFC-L2750DW, are very much similar, but the MFC-L2750DW is significantly better overall. The MFC-L2750DW offers a higher page yield at a lower cost, NFC, and duplex printing along with a big display screen to easily perform all the tasks.

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