The Brother Company produces printer which aptly covers almost all the needs of small to medium bussiness purposes and for home uses. They mainly focus on the Laser prints ,low printing costs and high page yields.

Brother printers always try to maintain the printing speed to boost the procedure. Today in this article we gonna compare two Brother printers i.e. Brother L-2350DW and Brother L-2370DW. So let’s elaborate.

Difference between Brother L2350DW and Brother L2370DW

Both the Brother printers are very much similar in many aspects . Although the printers doesn’t have color printers or any kind of scanning facilities , however the Brother L-2370DW has much better specifications than the other. The printer has higher page yields, low cost per print and also it accepts high yield cartridges which can boost the printing. The connectivity in the Brother L-2370DW is also much better than the Brother L-2350DW. 

Brother L2350DW vs L2370DW Comparison

Brother L2350DW vs L2370DW
Brother L2350DW vs L2370DW

Design and Build Quality

Brother printers have compact and nice designs along with moderate performance. The Brother L-2350 DW comes with a plastic body along with a LCD monochrome display , has a narrow view and also it cant be tilted well for better visibility.

Although it is  responsive, the menus are not much easy to navigate, but the initial steps are good to operate. The toner and drum units are easily accessable but as the power cord is detachable so its quite hard to take a look at the display screen from above.

On the other side, the Brother L-2370DW comes with a simple and compact design that is super easy to use. It also has a 1 line 1.9 inch LCD display with moderate visibility. The Screen responds quickly but the menu buttons are not much easy to navigate.

The input tray , the toner cartridge and the drums are quite easy to handle but the power cable is attached to printer so once it gets damaged user have to replace the entire printer. Irrespective of these few drawbacks both the printers are pretty well in their designs and build quality.

Printing Quality and Speed

When it comes to printing quality Brother printers deliver moderate quality of printing in monochrome category sadly it doesn’t have any color printing facility. The detailing are pretty well to distinguish. Both the Brother L-2350DW and L-2370DW has excellent printing speeds along with the decent quality.

The Brother L-2350DW takes a bit time for the first page printing but the speed is really good. The Brother L-2350DW has stunning printing speed of 32ppm ( black only).

Also the Brother L-2370DW also comes with super speed and printing quality. The printer takes a bit time to warm up , after that it prints with decent speed and quality. Both of them has adjustable input trays and the connectivity is also favourable.

It also has a printing speed  of 36ppm (black) and additionally both the printers have duplex printing which helps a lot in printing both side pages. The two printers support standard size pages.

Cartridge System

Brother printers have well designed cartridge system and a impressive page yields. As the printer has good cartridge system so one doesn’t need to replace the toner cartridges frequently. The Brother L-2350DW has a good number of page yields of  pages in the case of both toners.

It also accepts the third party cartridges as well but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend to use it as printing quality may differ in that case. on the other hand, the Brother L-2370DW also has a nice monochrome cartridge system with good number of page yields.

The black tonner yields high number of pages and also there is high yield toners which even last much longer. It can yield upto 1287 pages ( monochrome).

Printing Costs and Page Yields

Coming to the printing cost, the Brother printers have outstandingly low cost per print.  The Brother L-2350DW and the Brother L-2370DW has effectively low toner cartridges which make them easy to run. But the drum has to be bought separately. The Brother L-2350DW prints its monochrome pages at approx 0.03 US $ per page.

It has one of the lowest estimated cost for which this printer has to be picked up. And the Brother L-2370DW has also great printing costs with good connectivity options. It can print pages with a cost of 0.035 US $ per page which is almost same as the Brother L-2350DW.

Connectivity Features

Both the printers have decent connectivity features. The Brother L-2350DW and L-2370DW don’t have much difference in this part. They both have USB, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct. The Brother L-2350DW lacks the Ethernet connection, although both of the printers doesn’t have the Bluetooth facility.

Brother printers have the Brother iprint and scan app though which one can easily connect their printer and run the tasks easily. Users can also check the ink levels through the app which can be really beneficial for them.


To conclude we can say that the Brother printers are pretty good in many aspects including printing quality, speed and cost per print. But the Brother L-2370DW has the upper hand to ne picked up as it has better page yields and good connectivity options. Additionally both the printers can work with the help of voice assistant Alexa.

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